Daily Log

During the summer, campers write summaries of each day. These logs are recorded daily, and posted cumulatively here on the website each week. There are no Daily Log postings during the second week of camp, while campers are out on expeditions.

Summer 2017 Daily Log Entries

  • Sunday, August 13th, 2017 “Jack Reigeluth COD” | Written by Doug Camp and Jack Reigeluth - Sunday, August 13th—The last day of camp’s 123rd season started with a blast from the cannon! A final breakfast concluded with council goodbyes, and the presentation of a handful of theater and activity cups. For acting, Jimmy Tomb and Ned Read won the Green Room Cup and the Coons Cup respectively. For stage crew, Charlie […]
  • Saturday, August 12th, 2017 “Jack Reigeluth COD” | Written by Justin Kuo (JCR) - Saturday, August 12th—Today is Water Sports! After a quick breakfast, we had an extended duty period. Campers and counsellors worked hard to make camp ship-shape. Following Tub and Inspection, we had a quick and efficient lunch, a short rest, and we went to the waterfront for Water Sports. There were exhibition crew races, war canoe, […]
  • Thursday, August 11th, 2017 “Sam Denious COD” | Written by Landon Lawn (PDGM) - Friday, August 11th—In the morning, we had ‘last cuts’ for 16-year-olds on Hobbs Field. We also had a very fast Pasquaney Mile competition at canoeing with Brewer Stone and Porter Barnes winning with a time of 11 minutes. We also had Water Sports Weekend practice. Then, at the end of the morning, we had our […]
  • Thursday, August 10th, 2017 “Conway Staunton COD” | Written by Marco Liete (SGD) - Thursday, August 10th—The day began with Spencer’s bugle, breakfast, and then the duty period. The morning activity period was exciting. In shop, there was open plaque making. In baseball, there was the Junior League Final, and Taylor West’s team won the championship. Peter Denious was also made Senior Tennis Singles champion. In Nature there was […]
  • Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 “Jafar Sharipov COD” | Written by Tiago Liete (ECS) - Wednesday, August 9th—It was a glorious morning. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the bugle was blowing. Blowing JOHN CENA. Spencer Campbell woke up the camp with WWE superstar John Cena’s theme as part of the 16-year-old breakfast. As the 16-year-olds thundered through the dorms, we all knew in our hearts (and […]
  • Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 “Robert Harvey COD” | Written by Alexei Lozada (JAS) - Tuesday, August 8th—The boys of Pasquaney awoke on their hillside to a warm 57 degrees. All seniors were scheduled for the Four-Man Canoe Race, 100 Yard Swim, and the Canoe Tilt Finals. Spencer Campbell and Jack Riggs won the tilting championship for the second year in a  row! On the tennis courts, there was another […]
  • Monday, August 7th, 2017 “Thomas Granger COD” | Written by Hugh Lynch (RCH) - Monday, August 7th—Camp Pasquaney woke up to a chilly 50.5 degrees, and the order was showers! Then there was a hearty breakfast followed by the duty period. During the morning activity period, the diving competition—or as it’s known simply,The Dive—took place. There was also the Senior Obstacle Race Final between Mark Kirby and Jimmy Bocock. […]
  • Sunday, August 6th, 2017 “Tim Jenkins COD” | Written by John Hay Matthai (CTG) - Sunday, August 6th—Today we woke up to howling wind and chilly showers. After duties we went down to tub to see Lake Newfound filled with white caps and large wind gusts. With crew races coming later in the day some guys were worried about the wind. During lunch the PYC (Pasquaney Yacht Club) council decided […]
  • Saturday, August 5th, 2017 “Jake Matthai COD” | Written by Scott Helberg (TBJ) - Saturday, August 5th—Today came with a cool and cloudy morning. There were many trustees coming to stay for the weekend. We had an average day with a P.M. rainy day activity period. For Campfire, we watched the Trustees’ Weekend Play: A Mad Breakfast, directed by Thomas Granger. It was about a man who invites someone […]
  • Friday, August 4th, 2017 “Matt Woolverton COD” | Written by Ben Davis (JMM) - Friday, August 4th—We woke up to a damp and cloudy morning, but the thought of its being Pizza Friday brightened our souls.  The morning activities included a Quincy Bog Specie and preparation for the Trustees Weekend Play at stage crew. There was open diving where guys were getting ready for the diving competition on Wednesday, […]
  • Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 “Julian Maldonado COD” | Written by Ballard Morton (MCWW) - Thursday, August 3rd—Upon campers’ return from overnight Not Joe’s, Reveille blew promptly at 7:30. A delicious breakfast of French toast followed. Immediately after an hour-long duty period came activities. Activities featured open project work in both nature and shop, the continuation of a senior league ball game, open tennis and an array of other activities […]
  • Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 “Nicky Longo COD” | Written by Henry Ndayisaba (JAM) - Wednesday, August 2nd—The morning started off great. Everyone woke up at 7:00 AM to get ready for the day. We went to Prayers, then Mines after, and the day began. First of all we had Council Breakfast: great service, great meal! After breakfast we had duties, and then activities. A few species took place: a […]
  • Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 “Paul Davies COD” | Written by Andrey Novak (NCL) - Tuesday, August 1st—This morning it was 63ºF. During the morning activity period, the Junior and Senior crew shells had practice in preparation for this weekend’s races. Similarly, divers also spent the morning prepping for their competition which will be held on Monday. In the afternoon, there was a thrilling Junior League baseball game between Simon […]
  • Monday, July 31st, 2017 “Billy Wilson COD” | Written by Bekhruz Nurullaev (PDD) - Monday, July 31st—For the morning activities, we had a fishing specie, sailing, diving, Sub-Junior canoe races, and some Junior tennis matches. The highlight of the afternoon was the baseball game between Stone Harris’s team and Carlos Davis’s team. Stone’s team was leading 4 to 2 when the game was interrupted and postponed because of a […]
  • Sunday, July 30th, 2017 “Esteban Yañez COD” | Written by Henry O’Connor (WMW) - Sunday, July 30th—Sunday started with late Reveille at 7:30. After showering and breakfast we had a 10 A.M. Tub. Once Tub was over and we were all clean we started to prepare for inspection and get ready for Chapel. When inspection ended, all of camp lined up by the office two by two and walked […]
  • Saturday, July 29th, 2017 “Bill Talley COD” | Written by Avery Paddock (EWY) - Saturday, July 29th—The day began partly cloudy and everyone was eager for the Long Walk to return. The morning activity period consisted of many open activities rather than scheduled, so campers had more options to choose from. We had lunch with visitors and alumni. Because it was Saturday, we had a short, twenty-minute Rest followed […]
  • Friday, July 28rd, 2017 “Jake Holton COD” | Written by Isaiah Sanchez (WSCT) - Friday, July 28th—Today the camp woke up thirty minutes later, as is tradition on the day following hikes. After duties, we had activities, which included boxmaking and turning as well as tennis baseball, a new game we invented today which uses a tennis racket and ball to play baseball. After lunch we had rest, and […]
  • Thursday, July 27th, 2017 “Jules Finney COD” | Written by James Scullin (JAH) - Thursday, July 27th—We woke up to a drizzly, 61 degree day. In the morning, there was a Hebron Fair specie, followed by a very busy afternoon. The Short Walk returned at the end of rest, and we were very happy to have them back. There was also a Sub-Junior semifinal baseball game. Hunter Harris’s team […]
  • Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 “Quinn Dotson COD” | Written by Charlie Sims (JSF) - Wednesday, July 26th—This Wednesday was the fourth and final Hikes Day. It was a sunny day. The Fifth and Sixth Walks hiked opposite sides of Moosilauke and passed each other at the top for a quick lunch: sunbutter. The Fourth Walk hiked Franconia Ridge, and the Third Walk trudged up Garfield. No Second or First […]
  • Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 “Julian Maldonado COD” | Written by Henry Southall (QWD) - Tuesday, July 25th—Today started out cold and cloudy, but turned out to be a beautiful day. There was a variety of scheduled activities, including Sub-Junior dinghy races and some Junior Canoe Tilts. In the afternoon, there was a Sub-Junior baseball game between Henry Brown’s team and Jonah Klingler’s team. After dinner, the highlight of the […]
  • Monday, July 24th, 2017 “Robert Harvey COD” | Written by Redmond Staunton (JAM) - Monday, July 24th—Camp woke up at a normal 7:00 A.M. Reveille and proceeded to eat a breakfast of pancakes. At 9:30 we anxiously scurried down to Eastbourne for the Long Walk Ceremony. The Long Walk marched down the lane in synchronized steps. They flawlessly counted off and Buckley Huffstetler (the youngest Long Walker) received the […]
  • Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 “Henry Anderson COD” | Written by Brewer Stone (RCH) - Sunday, July 23rd—We woke up to a brisk morning of prayers and cold showers, which was followed by a hearty breakfast and duty period. After a cleansing Sunday Tub, we headed back up to prepare our bunks for Inspection, which was followed by Inspection itself. Birch and Wilson tied with a very impressive 0.4 points […]
  • Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 “Matt Woolverton COD” | Written by Lorenzo Parker-Pillow (WHA) - Saturday, July 22 — Today we woke up to a calm 62 degrees. After a delicious breakfast we had a jam-packed activity period. In nature, there was moose tracking! In tennis, we got deep into the very competitive Senior tournament with some single Senior matches. In canoeing, there was a specie to the Bristol Gorge where […]
  • Friday, July 21st, 2017 “Jules Finney COD” | Written by Sebastian Peterson (MSWW) - Friday, July 21st — We started with a lovely morning, with the sun passing through the pine needles. The lake was still and placid. There were Swims today, and the water happened to be the perfect temperature for racing.  After rest, the first sailing specie went out to the head of the lake. With great wind, […]
  • Thursday, July 20th, 2017 “Nicky Longo COD” | Written by Wyatt Price-Gallagher (JSF) - Thursday July, 20th — Today the camp woke up thirty minutes later than usual because of late reveille because of hikes the previous day. After duties there were scheduled tennis matches, obstacle races for seniors, and dinghy races for sub-juniors. During the second activity period, there was a senior league baseball game between Alex Horvat’s “Return […]
  • Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 “Billy Wilson COD” | Written by Charlie Ramquist (NCL) - Wednesday, July 19th — Today we woke up to COD Billy Wilson, yelling that we had “Hikes Today!” We carboloaded at breakfast and then began our day in the Whites. The First Walk hiked Cannon and North Kinsman. The Second and Third Walks hiked Moosilauke. The Fourth Walk hiked Cannon, exclusively. Finally, the Fifth and Sixth […]
  • Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 “Jake Holton COD” | Written by Sam Randall (WMW) - Tuesday, July 18th — Today, there was a Junior League Ballgame between Sam Randall’s Scented Candles and Taylor West’s North, South, East. After a one-sided game, the final score was 14-1 in favor of Taylor West’s team. At crew the Junior and 3rd boats went out. Also, in the morning, a game of “Bumball” was played, […]
  • Monday, July 17th, 2017 “Jafar Sharipov COD” | Written by Ned read (JAH) - Monday July 16th — Today during breakfast Olivier Bijoux was announced a Captain of Industry. During the morning activity period the first Sub-Junior ball game took place between Jonah Klingler’s team and Hunter Harris’s team. The final score was four to one in favor of Jonah’s team. Also during the morning activity period, there was […]
  • Sunday, July 16th, 2017 “Tim Jenkins COD” | Written by Max Reuter (JAS) - Sunday, July 16th — The second day of Visiting Weekend, we had Inspection, which was followed by Chapel. Mr. Vinnie talked about truth and honesty. After chapel, some of the boys went out to have lunch with their parents. The other group of boys stayed at camp to enjoy a hearty meal of turkey, stuffing, […]
  • Saturday, July 15th, 2017 “Paul Davies COD” | Written by Carlos Getzelmann (TBJ) - Saturday, July 15th — Today was like most Saturdays at camp, but tonight was the live performance of the club skits, not to mention the start of parents weekend. The weather wasn’t kind to some activities; there was no wind for sailing and tennis was rained out, but Stage Crew was packed and full of […]
  • Friday, July 14th, 2017 “Thomas Granger COD” | Written by John Rutledge (PDD) - Friday, July 14th — We woke up to a cool and damp 55 degrees. For activities in the morning, there was arena ball on Hobbs Field, a fishing specie with Sam Denious, Senior and Junior League tennis matches, and a canoeing specie to the head of the lake to play watermelon football. Afternoon activities included a […]
  • Thursday, July 13th, 2017 “Conway Staunton COD” | Written by Isaiah Sanchez (CTG) - Thursday, July 13th — The morning was cold and rainy, but we made the best of it! Nature went on a specie to pick blueberries with Kirk. Stage Crew played famous people and eye games in the theater.  Waterfront Director Rich DeSalvo held the War Canoe time trials, where each club’s nine youngest campers got to […]
  • Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 “Robert Harvey COD” | Written by James Scullin (ECS) - Wednesday, June 12 — We woke up to a crisp 60 degrees. The sun was in the sky and we continued with the morning routine.  Hikes today! We skipped the duty period and prepared for the trails ahead. I was on the Fifth Walk and we hiked Osceola. The view from the summit was amazing. As […]
  • Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 “Quinn Dotson COD” | Written by Charlie Sims (RCH) - Tuesday, July 11th. — It was a damp, cloudy day on Tuesday, and it was a special day thanks to trunk inspection! During rest, each camper had to hike to the trunk room and prove that their trunks were clean and free of contraband. Minor points were taken off. The morning was filled with the […]
  • Monday, July 10th, 2017 “Jake Holton COD” | Written by Henry Southall (QWD) - Monday, July 10 — Today was a sunny day with few clouds in the sky. Great weather for picture day. Right after breakfast, the whole camp gathered for the entire camp photo followed by the second through fifth generation photo. After soak, campers and counsellors alike hurried up for regular and wacky dorm photos. In the […]
  • Sunday, July 9th, 2017 “Billy Talley COD” | Written by Red Staunton (JAH) - Sunday, July 9th — Late Reveille! We woke up at a luxurious 7:30 A.M.. After showers, breakfast, and duties, we had tub, followed by Inspection Preparation. Once the bugle blew to end inspection, we were off to chapel. Jack Reigeluth had a great chapel talk about making choices and how doing the right thing should […]
  • Saturday, July 8th, 2017 “Esteban Yañez COD” | Written by Brewer Stone (WSCT) - Saturday, July 8 — Camp Pasquaney woke to a beautiful morning back from expeditions. Senior doubles matches were held on the tennis courts, as well as some Junior obstacle races at the waterfront. Afterwards, we headed to Inspection prep. We had a lot of work to do, cleaning after a messy expedition week. Following lunch […]
  • Friday, July 7th, 2017 “Richard DeSalvo COD” | Written by Hayden Stone (SGD) - Editor’s Note: On Monday, July 3rd through Friday, July 7th, the boys were out on expeditions. The daily logs for all 12 expeditions will be included in the Pasquaney Annual that each boy receives at the end of the camp season.  Friday, July 7th — The Plymouth expeditions arrived at camp before everyone else. They had […]
  • Monday, July 3rd 2017 “Doug Camp COD” | Written by Jack Reigeluth - Monday, July 3rd — The boys woke excited for expeditions. For breakfast we had two main courses, eggs and waffles, to get us ready for backpacking, trail work, and canoeing trips in the wilderness. Mr. Vinnie announced that the council had elected Mark Kirby, Alex Horvat, and Jack Riggs Captains of Industry (a position of […]
  • Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 “Sam Denious COD” | Written by Doug Camp - Sunday, July 2nd — Finally, a sunny, drying day! At chapel, Mr. Vinnie gave an inspiring sermon on friendship. At the first Camper Meeting, the camp officers were elected: Peter Denious, President; Carlos Davis, Vice-President; Alex Horvat, Secretary; and Stone Harris, Grand Bouncer. Packing for expeditions was the main activity of the afternoon. After our first […]
  • Saturday, July 1st, 2017 “Jake Matthai COD” | Written by Jimmy Tomb (SGD) - Saturday, July 1st — Today was a humid and rainy day, with lots of fog. In nature, there was a fishing specie and an edible plant walk. The theater was very busy because every dorm had to build props for their skit later that night. Down on Hobbs, Matt and Peter held the very first […]
  • Friday, June 30th, 2017 “Julian Maldonado COD” | Written by Oihan Trecet (JMM) - Friday, June 30th — This morning the weather was moist as we went to prayers. For morning activities there was a fishing specie to the Newfound River, and in the theater campers played the improv game “Famous People.” At diving, ten campers completed the Dive of the Week and unlocked the Mystery Dive, which was […]
  • Thursday, June 29th, 2017 “Billy Wilson COD” | Written by Bo Turnage (JAM) - Thursday, June 29th — Today we had a late reveille at 7:30 because we had had hikes the previous day. The camp had our first Mary Lamb, and the seniors had their first baseball game. Stone Harris’s team won against Carlos Davis’s team. Multiple new boys swam their half miles and were congratulated for it […]
  • Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 “Nicky Longo COD” | Written by Levi Tyler (WMW,jr) - Wednesday, June 28th — We woke to a cold 51 degrees and almost had optional showers. We went to Mem Hall for some sausage, egg, and cheese muffins before going back to the dorms to prepare for hikes. I was on the Second Walk and we took the bus with the First Walk. While we […]
  • Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 “Peter Millspaugh COD” | Written by Henry Anderson - Tuesday, June 27th — Today we awoke to a stormy, 54° morning, but we took our usual morning showers anyway. They were invigorating! In the morning we had a jam-packed lineup of activities, highlighted by a new beloved tradition on Hobbs Field: the Senior League Combine. The senior league captains who were appointed that morning—Alex […]
  • Monday, June 26th, 2017 “Jules Finney COD” | Written by Justin Wamah (PGDM) - Monday, June 26th — Today was a great day for all campers. New boys finished their activity rotation in the morning, allowing them to freely choose an activity in the afternoon. Many new boys swam their half-miles to open more opportunities at the waterfront like canoeing and sailing. Older boys had the opportunity to plan […]
  • Sunday, June 25th, 2017 “Henry Anderson COD” | Written by Wyatt Price-Gallagher (JSF) - Sunday, June 25th — The first full day of camp, new boys had a rotation of baseball, swimming, and tennis. During the rotation, the new boys swam their rafts. It was Sunday, meaning there was also the first inspection although it did not count for the inspection cup. Afterwards, the campers went to chapel where […]
  • Saturday, June 24th, 2017 “Doug Camp COD” | Written by Anvar Whitlock (WHA) - Saturday, June 24th — Today, the new boys and returnees came to camp around noon. Throughout the afternoon, we ate in the newly-extended Memorial Hall. After lunch, we had our opening ceremony, which went smoothly except the flag wouldn’t unfurl for the third year in a row. Shortly after that the older boys gave tours […]
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