Friday, July 14th, 2017 “Thomas Granger COD” | Written by John Rutledge (PDD)

Friday, July 14th — We woke up to a cool and damp 55 degrees. For activities in the morning, there was arena ball on Hobbs Field, a fishing specie with Sam Denious, Senior and Junior League tennis matches, and a canoeing specie to the head of the lake to play watermelon football. Afternoon activities included a Bristol Gorge canoeing specie, more tennis matches, and a big Senior League baseball game between Stone Harris’s Day Off and Spencer Campbell’s Spenny and the Jets. The game was close the whole time, but Stone’s team came out on top with a 6-4 win. Before dinner, Bill Talley delivered a very well-spoken Tree Talk about the importance of routines in everyday life. Bill talked about setting small goals to develop good habits. We ended the day with club skit rehearsals for campfire.

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