Planned Giving

The 1895 Society was created to recognize and thank people who are making planned gifts to Pasquaney, which will help ensure that Pasquaney continues to thrive in the future.

Planned gifts include making a bequest in your will, recognizing Pasquaney as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, or making a gift to Pasquaney through a retirement plan. For more information contact the Pasquaney office [Phone: 603-225-4065, Email:].

“I want Pasquaney to be here when I am not. So little is certain and so much feels transitory these days, but I know camp has been the most important educational experience of my life. When I think of the future, of my children and someday of their children, Pasquaney gives me hope— hope that, when I am not here to guide them, Pasquaney’s influence will be. That is why I give to it every year, and why it is in my will.” (Mike Hanrahan, Council 2000-13)

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      19 Pasquaney Lane
      Hebron, NH 03241
      Tel: 603.744.8043


      2 1/2 Beacon Street
      Suite 285
      Concord, NH 03301
      Tel: 603.225.4065


    • VISIT

      Camp Pasquaney must be experienced to be understood. A visit before coming as a camper helps a boy and his family to get a sense of our community.

      Please call ahead for an appointment to visit, (603) 744-8043 (summer) or (603) 225-4065 (winter).

      Click here for directions.

      Click here for places to stay.


      • Opening Day

        PARENTS 11:30AM- 1:15PM: Camper arrivals On arrival, you will be shown your son’s dormitory and bunk, and you will be helped with carrying his gear....

        June 23
      • Camping Expeditions

        July 2 - July 6