Monday, August 7th, 2017 “Thomas Granger COD” | Written by Hugh Lynch (RCH)

Monday, August 7th—Camp Pasquaney woke up to a chilly 50.5 degrees, and the order was showers! Then there was a hearty breakfast followed by the duty period. During the morning activity period, the diving competition—or as it’s known simply,The Dive—took place. There was also the Senior Obstacle Race Final between Mark Kirby and Jimmy Bocock. Mark Kirby won, and good sportsmanship was modeled. Then there was Soak, followed by play rehearsals and free time. After lunch and rest, during the afternoon activity period, there was the Senior League Baseball Final between Stone Harris’s team and Alex Horvat’s team. Alex’s team ended up winning 18-2. At dinner, there was there was a massive Wall Ball game, called a Cheese Game. More than two-thirds of the campers were involved. For campfire, Skip Gorman came and sang old country songs. Then there were Mines, Prayers, and Taps.

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      • Opening Day

        PARENTS 11:30AM- 1:15PM: Camper arrivals On arrival, you will be shown your son’s dormitory and bunk, and you will be helped with carrying his gear....

        June 23
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