Monday, July 17th, 2017 “Jafar Sharipov COD” | Written by Ned read (JAH)

Monday July 16th — Today during breakfast Olivier Bijoux was announced a Captain of Industry. During the morning activity period the first Sub-Junior ball game took place between Jonah Klingler’s team and Hunter Harris’s team. The final score was four to one in favor of Jonah’s team. Also during the morning activity period, there was a canoeing specie to the head of the lake. At Nature, there was a debate about climate change. After morning soak, the first sixteen-year-old skit rehearsal took place. Then, after lunch and rest, a senior league ball game was played between Carlos Davis’s “Running the Basises” and Spencer Campbell’s “Spenny and the Jets.” Both captains hit their first Hobbs Field home runs, Spencer’s being a grand slam. The final score was ten to four in favor of Spenny and the Jets. Because of high winds, the afternoon’s sub-junior canoe races were cancelled. However, the winds made it a perfect afternoon for sailing, despite Head of Sailing Tim Jenkins’s not being there to see it. During dinner, we experienced some thunderstorms that lasted into the night. For campfire we had Varied Option, which included reading and writing, body circuits, board games, and yoga and music. It was another great day on the hillside.

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