Frequently Asked Questions

Fast Facts

Season Length: One seven-week session
Tuition for the 2018 season: $7,150 (the actual cost per camper is approximately $12,000)
2017 Campers: 91 boys, ages twelve to sixteen
      Number of states represented: 21
     Number of countries represented: 8
     Campers receiving financial aid: 24%


Why do you have a seven-week session?

The single, seven-week season is essential for fostering character growth, confidence, a sense of each boy’s value to a community, and lifelong friendships. Significant achievements such as learning to sail or producing a three-act play cannot be completed in a shorter time. As they progress toward these goals, boys learn the traits that such achievement requires. More than one hundred alumni return to Pasquaney each summer to visit. A remarkable number of them say, “My summers here were the most important summers of my life.” First-year campers often say at the start of the summer that a seven-week season seems like a long time, but, by the end of the summer, they cannot believe how quickly time has passed.

Why do campers wear uniforms?

All campers and counsellors wear a uniform. This tradition enables us to focus on character rather than on superficial distinctions.

Why are no electronic devices permitted at camp?

At Pasquaney, we generate our own entertainment. To further encourage interaction of boys and counsellors, there are no cell phones, mp3 players, televisions, etc.

How do you meet the health and wellness needs of your campers?

Pasquaney has a doctor or a physician’s assistant living at camp throughout the summer. All counsellors are certified in First Aid and CPR. About half of the counsellors are certified lifeguards, and we often have an EMT or first responder on the council, as well. Our chefs provide abundant and well-balanced meals, and fresh fruit is available at different times during the day.

How do you determine tuition?

Tuition covers approximately 50% of the cost of each camper’s summer. The generosity of alumni, parents, and friends covers the remaining 50%.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available on the basis of need. Approximately 30% of the campers each summer receive financial aid. Please contact the Pasquaney office for details.

Are campers mostly from the same background?

No. In terms of geography, the 95 campers come from approximately 25 states and several foreign countries. Boys from varied economic, ethnic, religious and family backgrounds constitute our community each summer and form enduring friendships.

How do you determine the size of camp?

Our small size enables each boy and counsellor to know everyone else on a deeper level than if Pasquaney were larger. A small community fosters close relationships and allows the council to focus on each boy’s growth.

Why do you focus on boys ages 12 to 16?

The age that we serve is a crucial one in a boy’s development as he enters adolescence and begins looking for role models outside his immediate family.

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      19 Pasquaney Lane
      Hebron, NH 03241
      Tel: 603.744.8043


      2 1/2 Beacon Street
      Suite 285
      Concord, NH 03301
      Tel: 603.225.4065


    • VISIT

      Camp Pasquaney must be experienced to be understood. A visit before coming as a camper helps a boy and his family to get a sense of our community.

      Please call ahead for an appointment to visit, (603) 744-8043 (summer) or (603) 225-4065 (winter).

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      • Opening Day

        PARENTS 11:30AM- 1:15PM: Camper arrivals On arrival, you will be shown your son’s dormitory and bunk, and you will be helped with carrying his gear....

        June 23
      • Camping Expeditions

        July 2 - July 6