Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 “Julian Maldonado COD” | Written by Henry Southall (QWD)

Tuesday, July 25th—Today started out cold and cloudy, but turned out to be a beautiful day. There was a variety of scheduled activities, including Sub-Junior dinghy races and some Junior Canoe Tilts. In the afternoon, there was a Sub-Junior baseball game between Henry Brown’s team and Jonah Klingler’s team. After dinner, the highlight of the day took place: the long awaited Pasquaney Game Show. The team captains were Alexei Lozada and Jack Riggs, both sixteen-year-olds. Starting off strong, the first event was eating donuts on a string without using hands. Next was a timed toilet paper Mummy Wrap followed by trivia questions. The fourth and fifth events were “Face the Cookie,” where one has to move a cookie from their forehead into their mouth without using their hands and the Spelling Challenge, which included teams of both campers and counsellors. Next was a sweeping competition to see which team could get the most paper in the trash can before time ran out. The seventh event was more difficult trivia questions for counsellors. The second to last event was a large game of “Simon Says” to see which camper was the best at paying attention, which was not an easy task. To wrap up an already amazing night of entertainment, there was an “Egg Roulette” face off between counsellors Jafar Sharipov and Thomas Granger. Out of nine eggs there were three raw eggs and six hard-boiled eggs. The first counsellor to crack the most eggs on his head would win. In the end, the score between the two team captains was tied at 2100 points, a fitting way to end such an exciting night.

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