Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I hope this note finds you all well. The Pasquaney Board of Trustees recently discussed our plans for the 125th Celebration in August and unanimously voted to postpone the event until August 18-21 of 2022. While we are disappointed to delay this event another year, we wanted to make a decision early enough to allow all of our guests time to adapt their plans. The uncertainty of vaccine availability, the potential limits on travel and gathering sizes in New Hampshire, and our desire to focus our energy on giving the campers of the 2021 season a wonderful summer all guided our thinking.

For those already registered for 2021:

  • If you still plan on coming in 2022, there is no action needed on your part. Your original registration will roll over to the new dates.
  • If you can’t come to the 2022 dates, we are happy to refund your registration money. Please contact us at
  • If you are unsure at this time, you can leave your registration active. If you need to cancel any time in the future, please email us.

For those who want to attend in 2022 but have not registered for anything yet, go to for registration details.

We are fully enrolled for the 2021 season and eager to welcome the boys back to the hillside. New Hampshire camps are working with the state to update the guidelines from last June to reflect the growing knowledge of COVID-19 and the successful safety and testing measures we are seeing in residential schools. Because these guidelines impact so much of our program, we are hopeful to have an update by the end of March, though the timing is up to the State of New Hampshire. In the interim, we have been planning with last year’s guidelines as a starting point so we can adapt quickly when the final version is released.

While all of us would prefer to be preparing for a normal year, we know that navigating the present challenges offers us a good opportunity to review what we do, why we do it, and how we can make it better. I have personally never felt the desire to give the boys a Pasquaney experience more than I do today, and all the opportunities that creates: the opportunity for them to make and expand friendships; the opportunity to pursue an active, healthy day outdoors so close to nature; the gift of simple living and disconnecting from technology; the environment where they can truly be themselves with mentors to care for and to encourage them; the chance to practice a set of ideals in small community where they, and others, can see their growth; and the sound of open-hearted laughter. We will get there.

We are so grateful to so many of you for all your support of Pasquaney during this challenging year with your ideas, advice, gifts, and stories.



Michael Hanrahan, Director