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Director & Council

Michael H. Hanrahan, Director

Counsellor, 2000-2013, 2020
Director, 2020 to present

Mr. Michael began his Pasquaney career in 2000, and in 2005 he became Assistant Director, a full-time, year-round position he held for 9 years. As a counsellor, he was active in the shop, directed several plays, added to Camp’s music scene with his prowess on the guitar, and was elected by the Council to be its representative to the Board of Trustees. During his Council tenure, he became head of the shop program, stepping in for Dave Ryder while Dave was away from Camp. Inspired by his experience at Camp, Mr. Michael decided to become a teacher, and from 2002-2005, he taught fifth grade at the Lowell School in Washington, DC during the off-season. Following his years on the Board as Council representative, he was elected to the Pasquaney Board of Trustees in 2017.

In a letter to Mr. Michael after his first summer on the hillside, Mr. Vinnie wrote, “I knew last October that you were a good match for Pasquaney. I did not know how good. I knew after Council camp that you were going to be a part of things quickly. I knew at Bill Davies’s house the night before camp that you would bring some amazing music and spirit to the camp and to the Council. What a force you were everywhere. Producing an outstanding play, one that I still remember vividly and chuckle. Leading a spirited and positive Wilson to lead the camp in inspections and in starting the day… You modeled the idea that you stated at the end of the summer, showing that ‘you are never too old or too proud to try new things’.”

Prior to returning for the 2020 season, Mr. Michael served as a Senior Director for the Human Resources Practice at Gartner, a leading global research and advisory company. In that role, he advised Chief Human Resources Officers at companies around the world on a variety of talent issues, including succession planning, performance management, branding and recruitment, leadership development, and talent analytics. He was also in charge of mentoring and managing early-career Gartner executive advisors, overseeing a team of 12 in the US and abroad.

During Mr. Michael’s time on the Pasquaney Council, he married Aimee Wadeson, and starting in 2004 Aimee became a regular at meals in Mem Hall, in Chapel, and cheering on the boys around the hillside. Mr. Michael and Aimee have two children, a daughter, Adelaide, and son, Ned, who is a current camper. They live in Kensington, Maryland.

The Council

Pasquaney chooses its thirty counsellors for their character, their passion for working with young people, their teaching skill, their expertise in activities, and their ability to impart a light touch of humor. Most are former campers; many are teachers with long service to education and to Pasquaney. The youngest counsellors are eighteen. Approximately one quarter are experienced educators. 

I am grateful for the counsellors who have guided me and taught me so much over my five years at Camp, and for how many strong, unforgettable relationships, moments, experiences, and values they have given me.A 2023 Camper

Meet the Year Round Staff

Being able to mentor the boys and pass on the important values I’ve learned at Pasquaney is incredibly fulfilling. As a camper, the Council’s influence on me was profound. They guided me through hardship and taught me lessons that I’ll never forget. Isacc GarciaCamper: 2017–2021, Counsellor 2023–Present

I keep coming back to Pasquaney because nowhere else in the world do I feel so clearly that I am the best version of myself. And nowhere else am I so surrounded by people striving towards that same goal all while bringing the best out in each other.Porter BarnesCamper 2016–2019, Counsellor 2021–Present

Being on the council has been the most compelling and worthwhile work I have ever done. It is a privilege to be part of such a powerful experience for the boys and a joy to see them grow week to week and season to season. I know that I have also grown immensely thanks to this community and will always feel lucky to have found my way here.Amanda ChisholmCounsellor 2021–Present

Pasquaney is a place that I will reflect on, cherish, and come back to throughout my life, and its council is a special group I know will have my back and lend a helping hand no matter the circumstance. 

Lorenzo Parker-PillowCamper 2016–2020, Counsellor 2022–Present

One of the reasons I became a teacher was to keep coming back to Camp, where I’ve learned my most important lessons about bringing out the best in my students. Drawing on generations of wisdom regarding vital skills and matters of the heart—such as how to build friendships, active listening, and finding the courage to do hard things—a summer at Pasquaney isn’t just endlessly fun; it’s a study in living a rich, meaningful life. Richard DeSalvoCamper: 1998–2002, Counsellor 2006–2012, 2014–2023, Assistant Director, 2024–Present

I feel lucky to be part of a community that brings out the best in people and grateful for the lifelong friends I’ve made throughout the years.Aidan BiglowCamper 2013–2016, Counsellor 2020–2022, Present