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Essential Eligibility Criteria

Pasquaney is committed to welcoming campers from a wide variety of backgrounds. While the safety and wellness of our campers is our primary concern, we also want every camper to have fun and feel successful during their time here. To achieve these goals, we need to be realistic about what Pasquaney can and cannot offer to accommodate children with specific needs. A child who is a good fit for Pasquaney must be able to do the following at a developmentally appropriate level for his age: 

  • Feel comfortable living in an outdoor environment with varying weather, insects and animals, dirt and mud, and no air conditioning 

  • Speak English well enough to communicate needs and concerns and understand and comply with directions from staff 

  • Refrain from unsafe or harmful behaviors to himself and others, including self-harm 

  • Identify and avoid health and safety risks 

  • Maneuver difficult terrain and distances 

  • Follow a busy schedule and manage free time 

  • Assume responsibility for personal hygiene 

  • Maintain proper nutrition and hydration from the camp menu, which includes options for those with dietary restrictions and/or allergies 

  • Adapt to a group living environment with little time for solitude 

  • Employ age-appropriate social and emotional skills in managing personal boundaries, relationships, communication, stress, and conflict 

  • Manage the sensory stimulation of being in a large, energetic crowd (such as during theatrical performances or meals in the dining hall) 

  • Participate fully in scheduled activities and programs 

(N.B. We are not able to provide full-time, one-on-one attendants to address a child’s needs. We are not able to accommodate persistant medical issues beyond the capabilities of our camp doctors, infirmary staff, and facilities.)

Please contact us before enrolling your child if you have any questions about what accommodations we can provide. If Pasquaney is not a good fit for your child, we are happy to connect you with other camps that might be better suited to your son’s needs and interests.