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Inclusion Statement

A thoughtful person does not have to be asked to help others, he does it instinctively. He respects the rights of everyone … True thoughtfulness … comes to few by nature; you must cultivate it, expecting no reward save the joy of struggling on after an ever-advancing ideal.Chapel Talk, August 1899

Our commitment to a diverse, inclusive community is rooted in the values we pursue each summer. Since Pasquaney’s early days, we have reflected as a community through Tree Talks and Chapel Talks on ever-advancing ideals that inspire us to bring out the best in ourselves and the best in each other, ideals that encourage us to “Stop and Think” about our own character, and to respect others based on their actions—not their appearance, charisma, physical strength, material wealth, or background.  

The design of how we live at Pasquaney intentionally seeks to create a sense of belonging and growth for each boy and seeks to teach him that, while many differences exist among people, those differences are not impediments to fellowship and to friendship. Our welcome of new campers, our simple communal living, our uniforms, our constant mixing of ages and groups, our small size, our advising system—all these defining characteristics enable us to truly know each other and to create understanding across differences that might otherwise divide us.  

This work is shared by all in our community: our trustees, counsellors, campers, parents, alumni, and friends all guide us closer to our values, and all have made contributions to improve our education and culture. We welcome the opportunity to speak with new and past families about this work and commitment.