Pasquaney has given many of us “a priceless opportunity to develop friendships and to learn those personal qualities that foster them. Here we learned to live better with others – to have tolerance and respect, to accept others’s strengths and weaknesses, to appreciate their unique qualities. We have worked both individually and as a community to develop the truth and honesty that is the very bedrock on which any friendship must rest. We have come to value the candor, openness, the security of mutual trust, freedom from deception, the complete openness that admits no deceit.” (Bob Bulkeley’s Chapel Talk on Friendship)

Pasquaney will remain strong with the backing of a community of alumni and parents and friends. If you have not been in touch for a while, please take the time to reconnect with Pasquaney. You are also always welcome to come for a visit or to take part in the work weekend.