Friday, August 13th “Henry Anderson COD” | Written by Reggie Smith (JCR)

This morning we hosted our canoe tilt finals. In the second half of the activity period, we held the senior obstacle race finals, which led to DJ Mills’s victory. Later in the day, the seniors were rounded up and all competed in the four-man canoe race. The winners of the four-man canoe race were Hayden […]

Thursday, August 12th “Will Harvey COD” | Written by Cash Golden (WHA)

After waking from an extra half hour of sleep due to late reveille, we were greeted by an extremely hot day. During the first activity period, the final heats of the swims were held in each division. Crash Ackerly won the Senior 100-Yard Swim, Tristan Bonnet-Eymard won the Junior 50-Yard Swim, and Aubrey Duckworth won […]

Wednesday, August 11th “Evan McClure COD” | Written by Peter Grandison (WCH)

We woke to all the sixteen year-olds running through the dorms, banging pots and pans together. Once we got ready we headed towards Mem Hall for 16 year-old breakfast. The food was amazing with Oreo milkshakes and breakfast burritos among the highlights. During the morning activity period Ethan Clark and Elliot Randolph won the canoe […]

Tuesday, August 10th “Ethan Connett COD” | Written by Burke Gunther (ERM)

After a normal morning routine and our usual breakfast, the campers headed to an eventful morning activity period. Nature headed out for a Gold Mine specie and the Issac Garcia vs DJ Mills senior semi-final baseball game resumed. It was a nail-biting, sudden death game where whichever team scored the most runs in one inning […]

Monday, August 9th “Taylor West COD” | Written by Sammy Gunther (EPC)

We woke to the bugle, the obnoxiously loud crows perched next to Stanwood, and the yelling of COIs. During breakfast, Marco Leite was elected a COI and our morning began with the Diving competition taking advantage of the flat conditions on the lake, a canoeing and fishing specie, and a busy activity period in the […]

Sunday, August 8th “Will Davies COD” | Written by Bixby Hanrahan (TLW)

Our last full Sunday started with a cloudy and warm morning. After duties and inspection prep, Cardigan took 1st place in a very close and contested inspection. Rich gave a great Chapel Talk about respect and its importance in our lives. We had an excellent turkey dinner for Sunday lunch, culminating in a delicious black-raspberry […]