Saturday, August 7th “Jack Anderson COD” | Written by Michael Head (WEED)

Today was a wonderful Camp Pasquaney day. The highlight of the morning was 45 campers scheduled for crew practice in anticipation of Sunday’s crew races. Each pair of boats was given a half hour to practice and prepare for their race. Another highlight was the canoeing program leading a trip to the Bristol Gorge. There […]

Friday, August 6th “ Henry Gilmore COD” | Written by Rob Head and Jack Anderson (JAG)

[Co-author’s note: This daily log is based on last night’s campfire reading, “By The Waters of Babylon.” It is a creative writing exercise, and artistic liberties were taken. The scheduling situation described is due to a temporary surge in important events, including upcoming crew races, competitions, and theater productions. This has not been the norm. […]

Thursday, August 5th “Porter Barnes COD” | Written by Wilkes Head (HNG)

Today began with a gorgeous morning. We ate pancakes for breakfast, had a normal duty period, and a very fun activity period. The tennis courts were very busy and fun. We had really tasty sweet potatoes for lunch; everyone slept for rest and baseball was popping in the afternoon with a game between the team’s […]

Wednesday, August 4th “Buckeley Huffstetler COD” | Ryder Hopkins (PBB)

The day got off to a great start with Marco blowing a crisp Reveille. For the Council Breakfast, all the tables were greeted with pitchers of strawberry smoothie, cinnamon rolls, and hot chocolate. After that the counsellors served pancakes and breakfast sandwiches. After many bowls of M&Ms (a pancake topping) under their belts, Pasquaney charged […]

Tuesday, August 3rd “Justin Wamah COD” | Mateo Horvat (GBH)

Today started as a very chilly day. Many campers were wearing sweatpants down to the showers. During our morning activities, there were many tennis matches. There was also batting instruction, a gold mine specie, and a huge turnout for crew, 35 campers! During morning soak the club song competition finally opened up, with the first […]

Monday, August 2nd “Bay Harvey COD” | Nick Huffstetler (JGW)

Camp woke to a 60ºF temperature that felt more like 45ºF. Even with the feeling of it being cold, we hopped into frigid showers and began the day. The morning activity period consisted of many water sports competitions such as canoe tilts and obstacle races. After lunch, the afternoon activity period consisted of the first […]

Sunday, August 1st “Nicky Longo COD” | Written by Peter Isles (HMH)

This morning followed the typical Sunday schedule of late Reveille followed by our usual morning routine. After the duty period we headed down for a refreshing ten o’clock tub. The Long Walk took upper camp showers because they were going to take the Long Walk photo before Inspection. Inspection was a typical one for this […]

Saturday, July 31st “Matt Woolverton COD” | Written by Henry Keysor (NCL)

Yet another cold morning only made colder by our morning shower. On a slightly more serious note, it was a perfect day for sailing. Almost all of the boats were full with campers having a great time in the white capped waves. In the afternoon, we had inspection with an emphasis on personal appearance, which […]

Friday, July 30th “Sammy Dilly COD” | Written by Abduli Gilmore (MCWW)

Yesterday was another day with the Long Walk away, offering us younger boys more opportunities for activities like shop, baseball, and diving that would normally be quickly filled up with more boys at camp. In the afternoon, there was a scheduled baseball game between Adrian Davies’s “Sponsored by Sysco” and Bennet O’Reilly’s “Regarded Highlys” Adrian […]

Thursday, July 29th “Wesley Richardson COD” | Written by Cash Golden (SPD)

As we woke on this overcast morning, Pasquaney was still considerably reduced as both Short Walk and Long Walk were still out. After lunch, it started to drizzle. Short Walk returned during rest period, bringing back familiar faces. During their trip, which totaled 24 miles, the group notably summited Mt. Washington twice on two different […]