Tuesday, July 27th “Ollie Longo COD” | Written by Aidan Biglow (AKB)

A warm morning to send the Short Walk on their three-day, two-night adventure. We were sad to see them go but happy they were venturing to the wilderness with wonderful experiences waiting amongst the trees. Now that both the Long and Long and Short Walkers are away, Camp is small; seems empty. The meals are […]

Monday, July 26th “Taylor West COD” | Written by Abduli Gilmore (OLL)

During breakfast, Mr. Michael announced that DJ Mills was elected a Captain of Industry at Sunday’s council meeting. In the morning we went to Eastbourne to say goodbye to the Long Walk before their week in the White Mountains. We had our first activity period of the week thereafter. Then we had to go down […]

Sunday, July 25th “Peter Denious COD” | Written by Peter Grandison (TLW)

We woke to a light drizzle and cloudy morning. The rain had stopped mid-morning, just before inspection. Stanwood won inspection, ending the long run of either Cardigan or Adams winning. Throughout the day the Long Walkers were preparing for their week-long journey in the White Mountains. Inspection was followed by chapel, which was in the […]

Saturday, July 24th “Rob Harvey COD” | Written by Marco Leite (PLD)

We woke to an amazingly sunny day and had french toast for breakfast. For the first activity period, Hobbs Field offered arena ball, shop was scheduled and open for long walkers, tennis had scheduled matches, and the waterfront was buzzing with action. After enjoying the sunny morning, we had soak and prepared for inspection. Lunch […]

Friday, July 23rd “Henry Gilmore COD” | Written by Charlie Linz (RCH)

Today we rose to a late Reveille and colder than usual showers. For the morning activity period, there was a specie to the Phelps’ Family Farm to pick blueberries, and there was also a canoeing watermelon football specie at the head of the lake. For the afternoon activity period, a sub-junior baseball game was happening, […]

Thursday, July 22nd “Ethan Connett COD” | Written by Teddy Linz (HNG)

Today, we ate a delicious breakfast and prepared for a long day of hiking. Each walk left on their buses and rode to each mountain. First Walk hiked Little Haystack, Lincoln, and Lafayette; Second Walk hiked Liberty and Little Haystack; Third Walk hiked Mt. Garfield; Fourth Walk hiked Cannon Mountain; and the Fifth and Sixth […]

Wednesday, July 21st “Porter Barnes COD” | Written by Xavier Lovering (EPC)

We woke to a surprise from the night’s previous thunderstorms. Tons of water and debris had flooded in through Northern Birch and Cardigan’s entrances. Counsellors pulled together in the middle of the night to dig a trench in front of both dorms to divert the water that has been streaming in through the doorway. Some […]

Tuesday, July 20th “Buckley Huffstetler COD” | Written by Ruisi Luo (PBB)

The morning started at 7:00 and the temperature was 60 ºF. The morning activities were shop, junior and senior tennis matches, sailing, junior crew, and sub-junior obstacle races. Lunch was not delayed and the afternoon activities were shop, senior obstacle races, a white water canoeing specie to the Bristol Gorge, and a junior baseball game. […]

Monday, July 19th “Bay Harvey COD” | Written by Alex Marciante (GBH)

We woke up to a drizzly 61ºF Monday morning. We then headed over to Mem Hall for a delightful pancake breakfast with ham on the side. During announcements, Mr. Michael said that the council had elected Max Reuter and Hayden Stone as COIs. During morning activities we had the club war canoe time trials, with […]