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Pasquaney’s seven dorms are clustered together and connected by bridges and walkways, granting the sense that the whole camp lives as one. Each dorm stands elevated on stilts and in open-air among the pines, often with a beautiful view of Lake Newfound. At the heart of the cluster stands Dana, first built in 1895, which houses the oldest campers as well as gatherings and various free time activities. Dorms are where campers spend their downtime chatting, reading a book, or inviting a friend to play a free-time game like basketball, tetherball, quoits, chess, and wallball.

Dorm life helps campers develop the ability to live and cooperate with others in close quarters. Boys learn to keep their living space neat and organized, prepare for daily morning inspections, and compete against other dorms in more rigorous inspections during the weekend. Campers also assume responsibility for taking care of the dorms during the duty period, during which they sweep, take out the trash, and clean facilities. Twice weekly, campers engage in conversations as a dorm called Circles where they can reflect on experiences from the week or open up about more personal topics. Altogether, the dorms offer the warmth and satisfaction of a close-knit, self-sustaining community where each boy is known and included.