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The Daily Log 2022

A blast from the Hobb’s field cannon kickstarted the last day of camp’s 128th season! Council goodbyes and the presentation of a handful of theater and activity cups concluded our final meal in Mem Hall. For acting, both Charlie Linz and Olliver Smith were named recipients of the Green Room Cup for their electric performances in Charlie’s Aunt, and Henry Keysor was awarded the Coons Cup for his hilarious performance in Face the Music. For stage crew, Logan Shearer’s steadfast commitment to building sets won him the Pop Watson Cup. For activities, Rob Head won the Anniversary Cup, and the Beavers took back the throne of superior club by winning the Club Contest! We then locked arms at our tables and sang the final two verses of the camp song which had many folks tearing up. Campers proceeded to pack and prepare for the final Inspection which for Cardigan and Stanwood had high stakes since they were perfectly tied for the season. Bugle for inspection blew and shortly after in the Chapel line, there was a historic first! Inspector General, Jack Anderson awarded the Inspection Cup to both Stanwood Porches and Cardigan as they both got 2 points. We walked the Chapel path for the last time, reminiscing on the past seven weeks. Mr. Michael’s sermon revolved around loyalty and gratitude and how both of those values are actionable and should be practiced away from camp. Before we knew it the service had ended, and an onslaught of tearful goodbyes ensued. Boys, you will be dearly missed, quietly all excused.

No better way to kick start our first Water Sports in 3 years than with our favorite breakfast meal of BLOCK eggs. With our stomachs fueled we quickly got to work for the super duty period, where grounds were policed, mines were scrubbed, and rocks were swept crystal clean. At 10 am sharp, we hustled down to tub for some serious scrubbing and back to the dorms for some serious inspection prep. Cold ham and cheese for lunch had us dreaming about the buffet dinner. After a short rest, we hustled down to put on a show for our guests and with our master MC, Rich DeSalvo, what a spectacle it was! War canoes, flips off the high dive, exhibition canoe tilts had the crowd glued to the water. Entertainment continued as guests made their way to the shop, the Gemmil Glade, and eventually the Watson Theater. As night fell on the hillside, the COVID spike ball bonfire was lit, and us campers sang proudly as the fire roared. After a deafening railroad, we wished our guests a warm farewell and made our way to Baird Hall. There we shouted out the names of the boy in each photo of the slideshow and beamed at Jack’s magnificent video of the 2022 season. Mr. Michael then proceeded to present our final 3 character cups and hand out 16 year old lanterns. With the P22 crew assembled in front of camp we gave one last heartfelt railroad for the 16 year olds. The walk to Dana for prayers felt a little melancholy as we exchanged heartfelt hugs. What an action packed Watersports Saturday!

Our showers felt much cooler this morning thanks to the 59 degree cold front. With only two activity periods campers were eager to make the most of our last “normal” day. There was final cuts on Hobbs, finishing touches on Shop projects, and sailing was packed. To top it all off, everyone jumped into Newfound for our final soak, where we sang the camp song. The afternoon was equally busy. Winds on the lake increased to 20 knots and sailing once again was bustling. As golden hour commenced, we gathered on Tree Talk Ridge for our final tree talk given by Will Davies. He spoke about the importance of routine and finding our metaphorical bugle in the off season. After our final Pizza Friday, we had our one and only wall ball “cheese” game. Wild as that was, it paled in comparison to the fantastic projects on display at the shop exhibition. Many compliments were passed around and we soon gathered at Baird Hall for our awards ceremony which celebrated all the accomplishments and growth over the summer.

The date was Thursday, August 11th and it was a fruitful 62 degrees. The campers were reminded once again why they hated Reveille when it blew at 7:30. We partook in our usual morning routines then had delectable pancakes in Mem Hall. In Nature, there was a Sculptured Rock specie. At Stage Crew, they finished the set for the Theater Play and Henry Powell won the Senior League Tennis Final. For lunch, we had Billy’s finest chicken tenders with after tots and many different condiments. The Senior League Final Baseball game was Davies vs Davies and Davies won. (Peter Davies’ Stealing Candy from Babies won 8-4.) Meanwhile, the spectators gorged themselves on Mary Lamb. Dinner was tacos with ice cream sandwiches for dessert. For Campfire, we packed into the theater to watch a performance of “Charley’s Aunt.” The show was an hour and 15 minutes long and was a comedy. All and all it was a good day.

Wednesday, August 10th started with an array of punishing screams. Any grogginess was overshadowed by the sounds of the belting 16-year-old campers. Breakfast was a total sugar overload: milkshakes, sherbet, more sugar… but everything was well balanced by the savory taste of bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. After this scrumptious, savory, and sugary snack we had a brief duty period as usual for the Pasquaney day. An exciting activity period followed. The main event of the morning was the annual Camp Pasquaney diving competition, held on the Grand Pasquaney Diving Raft. A whopping 18 people would go on to perform a tremendous total of 100 dives during the activity period. Each person had to prove their worth by completing the swan, pike, and back dive. In other great areas of the hillside, campers were finishing projects in the shop, walking the nature trail, sailing, and other various activities that they chose from the cornucopia of options. Later in the day, we had burgers and fries for lunch, then a refreshing rest (sugar still digesting). Several seniors competed for the four-man canoe race plaquage, and the victors can be found in writing in Memorial Hall, or in the canoeing section of the 2022 Pasquaney Annual. Following the activity period, the Glade Play team put on a wonderful production of “The Devil and Daniel Webster,” featuring Elliot Randolph as the devil, Grey Durham as Daniel, and Teddy Marquet as the poor New Hampshire man who made a sour deal with the devil. Our Wednesday ended with lovely singing and circles.

On the morning of August 9, 2022 campers woke up to a hot 70 degree hillside. After finishing breakfast and duties, campers headed to their activities. In canoeing, there was the junior canoe race semi final and junior canoe tilt final. Jean Vivier, Martin Cristobal, Michael Rorer, Nicholas Martin, Liam Bonnet-Eymard and Ryan Carlson all were involved. In the end, after a disqualification due to consistent breaking of the rules, Michael Rorer and Nicholas Martin won the junior canoe race securing their names on the plaque in Mem Hall above Mr. Michael. Lunch was dumplings and fortune cookies. In the afternoon, Elliot Randolph and Oliver Smith beat Ben Wyman and Richard Carlson to secure their spot on the senior canoe tilt plaque. In tennis, there was the senior doubles final between the Gunther Twins against Henry Powell and Clay Meredith. In the end, the president and vice president came out on top after a thrilling three set match. At campfire, there was the continuation of the boys vs council baseball game. The council jumped out to a 8-3 lead after being down 2-3 initially. The council had home runs from Will Davies, Taylor West, and Peter Denious. Then in the last inning, the boys rallied and cut the score to 8-6 after several hits and a massive home run from Joe Chiosi that made it to the apple orchard. The boys nearly came back as they had two guys on base, down by 2. Ultimately, they fell short, but it was a great night as the spectators enjoyed some pasta with bolognese sauce. Also, it is important to note that Peter Davies, the boys pitcher, hit Mr. Michael when batting.

The camp started the morning with breakfast which was french toast. Later we had announcements which were followed by duties and the activity period. Today was club war canoe time trials so everyone involved went straight down to the bath house. Then in the afternoon the sailing regatta took place. Despite the low wind levels at the start, a change in that pattern allowed Matteo Horvat and his crew to secure the win. During free time there was a big wall ball game with most of camp. After dinner, we headed to the theater for council music night. All the singers and musicians were great but there were three songs that stood out: One from Hamilton, Rocket man, and the 2017 Kinsman Ridge Expedition Song to the tune of Hips Don’t Lie. All in all, it was a great day.

(Based on Spongebob Squarepants) HOMKKKK, ah yes another pleasant day on the Hillside as each one and every citizen of camp arose from their beds ready to do their regular morning tasks, prayers, mines, prepare the dorm, and head to breakfast. 


You’re quite a boring narrator aren’t ye?? Lemme take over! 

Eh? Fine!

Alright, are ye ready laddys? OOHH, who live in the trees above the lake, CAMP PASQUANEY! . . .

Now where was I? OH! Yes, after all the crewmates of the mighty Pasquaney ship head for breakfast, duties, tub and inspection everyone headed for chapel, which was all done by one of our mightiest warriors: Sir Townley Chisholm!! After an appetizing lunch and rest, both camper and council meetings had their final meetings as well as an amazing Mines Play (awesome job mines committee! Bravo!). And finally…CREW RACES!!! All the mighty crew warriors of the ship went down to prepare and head out for their races as the super crew prepared to feed the others with the most magical krabby patties. In the end: Trad, Birch, and one Dana boat won, followed by hearty singing, mines, circles and taps. GOOD NIGHT PASQUANEY!

Today, we had late Reveille for Trustees Weekend and an over-90 degree day. First, we had special M&M pancakes for breakfast! In the morning activity period, Will Connelly played Jean Vivier in the Junior Singles Tennis Final, and Jean won 6-3, 6-1. We had several visitors like last year’s 16-year-olds: Hayden Stone, Ben Davis, and Max Reuter along with former counselors Bay and Rob Harvey. We also got to meet some trustees. During lunch, the reigning champions, the Boys, announced their lineup for the Boys-Council Game. Mr. Michael also announced the Council roster in the form of a poem he claimed he had found in the Indian Oven. Unfortunately, the Boys and Council were only able to play one inning before the game was thundered out. To be continued. During the storm, to cool off, Wavies (Will Davies) hosted water pitcher salts on Mem Hall Porch. For campfire, we watched the Trustees Weekend Play, Face the Music, directed by Oliie Longo and Taylor West, which was spectacular. It was written by Jerry O’Reilly, a Pasquaney alum who was in the audience as the father of Matt O’Reillly, an undercover FBI agent in the play. I personally loved the way Fairfax Randall played his role of Melissa. What a great start to Trustees Weekend!

We woke up at 7:00 in the morning this Friday with thoughts of Pizza Friday drifting in our minds. For breakfast, we had sausage, eggs, and a toast of orange juice to start the meal. The first activity period had very little wind, which was great for crew, but very upsetting for the Pasquaney sailors. Thanks to the storm yesterday, it was not too hot but still quite a few people went in for Soak. After Soak, we all went up to upper camp where many skimmers and dinks were hit on the wall ball court, as well as four move checkmates on the chess table. For lunch, we had chicken tenders and tater tots, a camp favorite. We then had a nice rest period and most of us napped in anticipation of a full afternoon activity period.  As we went into the second activity period, it was very sunny. There were Senior and Junior Swims and a Mr. Teddy’s rock specie, which many campers were excited to do. But then, somehow, while it was still bright and sunny, thunder clapped in the sky. In disbelief, we sat in the bathhouse, patiently waiting 30 minutes. We then went back to our normal activities, but frustratingly, thunder soon rang again over the hillside once again, and we had to go back to upper camp. While walking with fellow camper and close friend, Oliver Smith, we felt something. Then we felt it again. Raindrops. Freetime then ensued and when the rain vanished, campers, counselors, and trustees, went to Tree Talk Ridge to listen to Jack Anderson’s talk on living life like an open book. After Jack’s Tree Talk we all happily ate our pizza, listened to a reading, and then nestled into bed.