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The Theater

At least once a week, campers will gather in the Watson Theater for skit nights, talent shows, live music, and end-of-summer plays. Every camper performs on stage at least twice  a summer by participating in skits with roles of all sizes available. Music nights and talent shows give campers of varying ability the opportunity to practice and share all kinds of pursuits, from playing an instrument, singing, and dancing to stand-up comedy and yo-yo tricks. Finally, over the course of the summer, all campers have the opportunity to audition for and prepare three major productions that are performed near the end of camp for parents. 

Pasquaney’s theater culture gives boys the opportunity to build confidence public speaking, express themselves creatively, and explore their wacky side. The icing on the cake is that they do so in front of an endlessly supportive audience, cheered on by friends who don’t care about their talent level or whether a mistake is made.