Sunday, August 16, 2015 “Doug Camp – COD” | written by Doug Camp

The last day of camp’s 121st season started off with a bang, literally. A last hearty breakfast from Gary and Doug concluded with some humorous council goodbyes, and the presentation of a handful of theater and activity cups. For acting, Noah de Boor and Buckley Huffstetler won the Green Room Cup and the Coons Cup respectively. For stage crew, Will Krulak won the Pop Watson Cup. For activities, Jimmy Bocock and Bay Harvey won the Anniversary Cup, and the Beavers had an admirable win in the club contest. After a rousing rendition of the final two verses of the camp song in Mem Hall, the campers did an efficient job gathering up the rest of their gear, collecting shop projects, taking their trunks and suitcases to Headquarters and the flagpole, and readying their dorms for the final inspection. In the chapel line, Inspector General Henry Valk awarded the inspection cup to a deserving Stanwood. With tons of gear in hand and on shoulder, we marched one last time down to our pine chapel with conflicting senses of excitement and sadness. Mr. Vinnie gave sermon about pursuing our best at home. After the service, we gave each other some tearful goodbyes, some to hold us over until next summer, some for much longer. So what now, as we return to our lives away from the hillside? I think of a passage from today’s sermon: “Now is the challenge of taking Pasquaney home, carrying the values with us, the true test of whether this has been successful summer. Out there is where we determine a banner season.” There is a long activity period scheduled for this year. The official COD time is ‘right now’. Quietly, all excused.

Saturday, August 15, 2015 “Doug Camp – COD” | written by John Chiosi (TCDF)

Today was Water Sports Saturday. In the morning, we had a long duty period to make sure that camp was looking sharp for our guests. After duties we had tub and got ready for inspection. We then had a quick lunch and reviewed the schedule for Water Sports. Water Sports went very well. The Woodpeckers won the War Canoe race final over the Hawks, and Ruben Luthra won the Junior 50-yard swim and Junior General Excellence. Mark Kirby won the Junior Obstacle race final, and Sam Randall won the Sub-Junior obstacle race final. After Water Sports, campers brought their guests on a tour of the hillside, stopping at Eastbourne for cookies and fruit punch. Tree Talks followed on Tree Talk Ridge, where we could see lightning and hear thunderstorms across the lake. Luckily, the storms never reached Pasquaney, and we were able to have the Glade Play, The Devil and Daniel Webster, in the Glade. After the Glade play, a buffet dinner was served to the guests in and around Memorial Hall. Next, campers said their initial goodbyes in the dorms while parents went over to the Watson Theater to watch the Theater Play Is He Dead? by Mark Twain. After the Theater Play, came singing for the guests. Campers sang “Ready When He Comes,” “Swing Low,” and “MTA.” After the long day, campers said goodnight to their parents and went to Baird Hall to watch a slideshow of photos from the summer. Thomas Krulak was awarded Mr. Teddy’s Cup; Robert Harvey, the Most Faithful Boy; and Simon Chuang and William Harvey were jointly awarded The Mauran Cup. The 16-year-olds received their lanterns, and the mines bugle blew. We had dorm circles, and then we went to bed as we were tired after a long day.

Friday, August 14, 2015 “Martin Millspaugh – COD” | written by Josh Chiosi (PDGM)

Today was packed with excitement, perhaps the busiest day of the summer thus far. In the morning on Hobbs Field we played a game of Bum Ball, which is a spin on baseball with all sorts of wacky rules. There was also Water Sports practice in preparation for Saturday afternoon with the parents in attendance. The tradition of everyone jumping in Lake Newfound for the last soak continued, and the 16-year-olds jumped in fully clothed one by one as the rest of camp cheered them on. In the afternoon, Billy Wilson hit his first Hobbs Field home run during 16-year-old cuts, the last opportunity of the summer to step up to the plate. Also Aidan Biglow held the crown as camp tennis champion in a tight match against the Junior challenger Peter Denious. Later on, Tim Jenkins delivered a powerful tree talk about being comfortable finding uncomfortable challenges at camp and about how the role of competition and performance pushes us to be our best in all we do. After dinner there was a Shop exhibition with all the beautiful camper projects from the summer on display. Following the woodshop viewing, all of camp gathered in Baird Hall for the Sigma Alpha awards ceremony to conclude the eventful day.

Thursday, August 13, 2015 “Henry Valk – COD” | written by Ethan Connett (MLM)

Today we woke up to late reveille to start the morning routine. After our great breakfast of waffles, everyone went to the many open activities. During the morning activity period, the Senior Singles tennis final started, pitting Aidan Biglow against Rob Harvey, and the Sub-Junior doubles final featured the team of Thomas Krulak and Peter Woodville against the team of Levi Tyler and Aidan Price-Gallagher. Biglow and the team of Tyler and Price-Gallagher won the matches. It was a fun and entertaining morning. Two new Basic Sailors were announced in addition to the tennis winners at lunch. The afternoon activity period’s highlight was the Senior Baseball Championship, with Will Davies’s second-ranked team challenging Ben Winslow’s top-seeded team. After a single run by Winslow’s team early in the game, Davies’s squad put up six to complete an exciting upset. On the tennis courts, Peter Denious and Alex Horvat beat Christian Vivier and Jimmy Bocock in an intense Junior doubles final. Following a great chicken and rice dinner, we were treated to a hilarious theater play, Is he Dead, full of jokes and laughs. After a great day of entertainment, we all settled into our beds for taps.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 “Conor Finn – COD” | written by Ford Cousin (HLV)

Today was a crazy, interesting, and fun-packed day. In the morning all the campers were woken up by all the sixteen-year-olds in costumes. I remembered it was the sixteen-year-old breakfast! At breakfast all the campers were served chocolate milk, strawberry smoothies, pancakes with M&M’s, and bacon. The breakfast was a delicious way to start the day. In the morning activity period, the highlight was a fly-fishing specie with Kirk and Sam Denious. After rest a historic event took place when Henry Valk, Peyton McElroy, Stewart Denious, Peter Millspaugh, and staff Jake Holton and Mike Grant erected a new Pasquaney flagpole. In the afternoon activity period a Senior Tennis Doubles Championship took place. Rob Harvey and Ben Russakoff beat Aiden Biglow and Max Matthes in a very well fought match. Also a Junior Canoe Tilt took place. Ford Cousin and Jack Riggs beat Stone Harris and Atticus Hickman in a great one-and-a-half hour tilt, which ended in knockdowns. All the campers headed over to the Glade for the Glade play. The play was The Devil and Daniel Webster. The play was so much fun to watch. Finally, it was time for dinner, and Conor Finn was CO-Swapped. The pranks were very funny. All in all, it was a good day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 “Will Talley – COD” | written by Ander Cristobal (TCDF)

Today was a lazy, rainy day; many campers participated in activities like reading and writing or yoga in the morning. Nevertheless, the finals of the Senior 100-yard swims and Senior canoe tilts were held, too. Rob Blue won the final of the 100-yard swim, with Robert Harvey and Wesley Richardson placing second and third, respectively. In the afternoon, the rain stopped and the final of the Senior canoe tilt took place. Roderick Caperton and Ben Russakoff defeated Sammy Malhotra and Nicky Longo. As the weather improved, many campers played soccer on Hobbs Field. The final of the Sailing Regatta was postponed to the next day as the wind died in the afternoon, making way for “water capture-the-flag” off the bathhouse and auxiliary docks. For campfire, we had varied options, which consisted of body circuits on Birch porch, Ultimate Frisbee on Hobbs Field, play rehearsals, and a reading of Edgar Allan Poe by Mr. McElroy. It was a fun end to an unusual but great day at camp.

Monday, August 10, 2015 “Esteban Yañez – COD” | written by Will Davies (WSCT)

Today was a very busy day. The morning activity period consisted of the annual Diving competition, along with Sub-Junior and Senior tennis matches. On Hobbs Field, there was fielding and pitching instruction in preparation for the Junior ballgame that afternoon. The Shop was very busy as projects came down to the wire. The highlight of the afternoon was the Junior League baseball championship between Stone Harris’s team and Mark Kirby’s team. Stone Harris’s team eventually won (11-7). Besides the ballgame there were two semifinal Senior canoe tilts, tennis matches, and a whitewater canoeing specie to the Pemigewasset River. Campfire was a slideshow presentation by Bubbles about his trip to Europe along with some historical pictures of camp. Overall, it was a great Pasquaney day.

Sunday, August 9, 2015 “Eric Crevoiserat – COD” | written by Carlos Davis (EWY)

Today was a fun-filled, exciting day with many competitions and was the last day of Trustees Weekend. During inspection preparation, we prepared our dorms with more efficiency and effort because this inspection counted double for the Inspection Cup. The Trustees walked through the dorms during inspection, so all of our bunks looked extra neat and organized. In the Chapel, Mr. Vinnie gave a talk about what separates people and how the barriers between people can negatively affect friendships. He used examples from times of segregation and the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Everyone learned that we can all come together and settle our differences and understand all the different things people are going through. Later after camper and council meeting, there was soccer on Hobbs Field and diving at the waterfront. Later we had the crew races with the Dana Rowing Club winning in the Fourth, the Third, and the Senior Boat races and the Birch Rowing Club winning the Junior Boat race. After the races, we had singing and our third to last dorm circles of the season. All in all, it was a good day.

Saturday, August 8, 2015 “Peyton McElroy – COD” | written by Noah De Boor (ERC)

The boys of Camp Pasquaney woke up at 7:30 am on to a clear 53º Fahrenheit. Because of Trustees’ Weekend, there were plenty of alumni visitors, all of whom were enjoying activities throughout camp from Shop to Baseball to the Waterfront. The morning was highlighted by the Pasquaney canoe mile competition, where Aidan Arnold and Aidan Biglow smashed the record with a time of 10:21. The afternoon was highlighted with the Boys v. Council Game. Ben Winslow started for the boys and Peter Millspaugh for the Council. Will Davies pitched in relief for the boys, and Stewart Denious and Richard Desalvo pitched for the Council. There was fantastic play on both sides but the Council defeated the boys (5-0). In the evening, the Trustees’ Weekend players performed “Face The Music,” written by Pasquaney alumnus Gerry O’Reilly. In the opinion of the scribe, it was the greatest Trustees’ Weekend Play in many years. Mines and Taps followed, and a blanket of silence fell over the hillside.

Friday, August 7, 2015 “Paul Davies – COD” | written by Peter Denious (PRM)

Today was an action-packed Friday with various competitions. The morning featured a long and tiring canoe specie to Mayhew Island. The highlight of the morning were two senior canoe tilts. Meanwhile, the Shop was packed with campers determined to finish their projects. The morning activity period flew by and suddenly it was time for play rehearsals. The afternoon featured several tennis matches and open sailing. We had an exciting afternoon with both the Senior four-man canoe race and the Junior League ball game. The champions of the canoe race were Aidan Arnold, Aidan Biglow, Kyle McClure, and Carter Langen. The ball game was between Mark Kirby’s and Alex Horvat’s teams. Mark’s team won (9-6). After activities we had a Tree Talk given by Stewart Denious on servant leadership. For campfire, Tim Jenkins read a Kurt Vonnegut short story. All in all, it was a great day.