Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 “Julian Maldonado COD” | Written by Ballard Morton (MCWW)

Thursday, August 3rd—Upon campers’ return from overnight Not Joe’s, Reveille blew promptly at 7:30. A delicious breakfast of French toast followed. Immediately after an hour-long duty period came activities. Activities featured open project work in both nature and shop, the continuation of a senior league ball game, open tennis and an array of other activities […]

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 “Paul Davies COD” | Written by Andrey Novak (NCL)

Tuesday, August 1st—This morning it was 63ºF. During the morning activity period, the Junior and Senior crew shells had practice in preparation for this weekend’s races. Similarly, divers also spent the morning prepping for their competition which will be held on Monday. In the afternoon, there was a thrilling Junior League baseball game between Simon […]

Monday, July 31st, 2017 “Billy Wilson COD” | Written by Bekhruz Nurullaev (PDD)

Monday, July 31st—For the morning activities, we had a fishing specie, sailing, diving, Sub-Junior canoe races, and some Junior tennis matches. The highlight of the afternoon was the baseball game between Stone Harris’s team and Carlos Davis’s team. Stone’s team was leading 4 to 2 when the game was interrupted and postponed because of a […]

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 “Bill Talley COD” | Written by Avery Paddock (EWY)

Saturday, July 29th—The day began partly cloudy and everyone was eager for the Long Walk to return. The morning activity period consisted of many open activities rather than scheduled, so campers had more options to choose from. We had lunch with visitors and alumni. Because it was Saturday, we had a short, twenty-minute Rest followed […]

Friday, July 28rd, 2017 “Jake Holton COD” | Written by Isaiah Sanchez (WSCT)

Friday, July 28th—Today the camp woke up thirty minutes later, as is tradition on the day following hikes. After duties, we had activities, which included boxmaking and turning as well as tennis baseball, a new game we invented today which uses a tennis racket and ball to play baseball. After lunch we had rest, and […]

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 “Julian Maldonado COD” | Written by Henry Southall (QWD)

Tuesday, July 25th—Today started out cold and cloudy, but turned out to be a beautiful day. There was a variety of scheduled activities, including Sub-Junior dinghy races and some Junior Canoe Tilts. In the afternoon, there was a Sub-Junior baseball game between Henry Brown’s team and Jonah Klingler’s team. After dinner, the highlight of the […]