Wedesday, August 8th, 2018 “Will Davies COD” | Written by Theo Pacchiana (ECS)

Wednesday, August 8th—Today is Wednesday. It was a very fun day full of excitement. The day started at 7:30 because we had late Reveille. After our morning routine we went to breakfast, which was prepared by the 16-year-olds. The breakfast was sugar-loaded, consisting of Lucky Charms cereal, chocolate chip pancakes, Oreo milkshakes, and more. We […]

Sunday, August 5th, 2018 “Jafar Sharipov COD” | Written by Bryce Phillips (WMW,jr)

Sunday, August 5th—Today we had late reveille followed by a delicious breakfast. Following the duty period we had Tub down at the waterfront followed by Trustee’s Inspection. This week’s Sunday Inspection was special because all of the trustees walked through the dorms after the inspectors. It was also special because this week’s Inspection counted double. […]

Friday, August 3rd, 2018 “William Harvey COD” | Written by Charlie King (WHA)

Friday, August 3rd—We woke to a cloudy 66° with various activities like open shop, Trustee’s Play preparations, crew practice for the upcoming races, and timed half-miles. The clouds turned into a light drizzle and eventually rain. As rest ended, thunder boomed, turning the activity period into a rainy day activity period. As a result, the […]