Friday, August 5th “Rabbit Barnes COD” | Written by Sabby Gillis (PLD)

We woke up at 7:00 in the morning this Friday with thoughts of Pizza Friday drifting in our minds. For breakfast, we had sausage, eggs, and a toast of orange juice to start the meal. The first activity period had very little wind, which was great for crew, but very upsetting for the Pasquaney sailors. […]

Wednesday, August 3rd “Nicky Finn COD” | Written by Burke Gunther (LPP)

Camp awakened to Reveille, buzzing with excitement for one of the biggest camp days; Council Breakfast and Overnight Not-Joe’s. The Council Breakfast consisted of an appetizer of buttered scones, a side of mixed fruit, and a main of breakfast quesadillas packed full of peppers, onions, cheese, chorizo, guac, sour cream, and salsa. Packed full of […]

Tuesday, August 2nd “Jimmy Bocock COD” | Written by Sammy Gunther (NBF)

The hillside woke up to the screaming of COIs and shuffling of tired campers in their bunks. As we all headed to mem-hall a cool breeze washed over our faces. Porter led an all day all around the lake canoeing specie with Aiden Biglow. In the afternoon, there was a senior league ball game between […]

Monday, August 1st “Pip Carr COD” | Written by Bixby Hanrahan (JSB)

After Reveille and the morning routine, Pip the COD, asked us to close our eyes, join hands, and take in the moment standing around our Mem Hall tables with our friends. After breakfast and a swift duty period, Nature departed on a journey to the Sculptured Rocks, where campers swam and admired the rock formation. […]

Sunday, July 31st “Buckeley Huffstetler COD” | Written by Michael Rorer (PMC)

Today was a typical Sunday morning with tub, dorm inspections, and a chapel service. This service was given by Rich instead of Mr. Michael. It was about the importance and power of friendship and everyone left feeling better and more empowered to be kind to one another than before the talk. The most interesting part […]

Saturday, July 30th “Taylor West COD” | Written by Michael Head (GBH)

The day began with a 7:00 Reville, and we all headed into Dana for prayers. Then we had quick and efficient mines and a morning inspection. We had some cinnamon rolls, eggs, and sausages for breakfast. We then had a duty period. After that we had an activity period and an 11:45 soak. Then there […]

Friday, July 29th “Olivier Bijoux COD” | Written by Robert Head (TLW)

Today was camp’s last day without the Long Walk on the hillside and younger boys had their last activities without many of the older boys present.  The morning proved to be one of some wind, so open sailing was a success.  There were also canoe tilts in the morning.  Most of camp was scheduled for […]

Thursday, July 28th “Sam Randall COD” | Written by Kenny Holder (OEB)

On July 28th 2022, we had late Reveille and made our way to Dana for prayers and then showers. At breakfast, we had chocolate chip pancakes and bacon and then we had the duty period. The morning activity period was busy with tennis matches, shop, baseball, and diving. It was a very hot day for […]

Wednesday, July 27th “Chase Carmody COD” | Written by Michael Rorer (SKR)

Yesterday, July 27th was the last mandatory hikes day. The four hikes consisted of Lincoln, Lafayette, Little Haystack, Liberty, and Moosilauke. My Walk, second walk, did Liberty first, then Little Haystack last. It first began with the hour drive to the Lafayette campground. Once we arrived, we began our 8.5-mile trek. The annoying part about […]