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2021 Chapel Talks

August 14th

August 8th

August 1st

July 25th

July 18th

July 11th

July 4th

2020 Chapel Talks

August 7th

July 31st

July 24th

July 17th

2019 Chapel Talks

August 11th

August 4th

July 28th

July 21st

July 14th

July 7th

June 30th

June 23rd

June 23rd

2018 Chapel Talks

August 12th

August 5th

July 29th

July 22nd

July 15th

July 8th

July 1st

June 24th

2017 Chapel Talks

August 13th

August 6th

July 30th

July 16th

July 9th

July 2nd

June 25th

June 25th

2016 Chapel Talks

August 14th

August 7th

July 31st

July 24th

July 17th

July 3rd

June 26th

June 26th

2015 Chapel Talks

August 18th

August 18th
Values by Robert D. Bulkeley

August 9th

July 28th

July 19th

July 12th

July 5th

June 28th

June 28th

2014 Chapel Talks

August 3rd

2012 Chapel Talks

Playing the Hand Life Has Dealt You… by Townley Chisholm

2011 Chapel Talks

Friendship by Michael Hanrahan

2010 Chapel Talks

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, Honduras by Townley Chisholm

2009 Chapel Talks

Stages of Life by Townley Chisholm

2007 Chapel Talks

The Pasquaney Spirit by Robert D. Bulkeley

2005 Chapel Talks

Family (condensed) by Michael Hanrahan

2003 Chapel Talks

On Life and Death by Townley Chisholm

1980’s Chapel Talks

1987 – Ends and Means by John Gemmill
1986 – Service by Vin Broderick

1970’s Chapel Talks

1978 – Mr. Barty by Charles Stanwood
1977 – Loyalty by John Gemmill
1975 – Values by Dave Hughes
1974 – Leadership by Charles Stanwood

Early Chapel Talks

1962 – Pop Watson by Charles Stanwood
1937 – Building Bridges by Fuzzy Kneeland