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Pasquaney's Year Round Staff

Rich DeSalvo, Assistant Director

Rich attended Pasquaney as a camper from 1998 to 2002, and joined the council in 2006. He has served as Waterfront Director since 2009. Over the years, he has worn many other hats, including Long and Short Walk leader, C.O.I. advisor, and head of the baseball program.

Following three years working abroad in China, Rich returned to the United States in 2011 to begin a career in education, a vocation inspired by his mother and father, as well as a host of mentors on Pasquaney’s Senior Council.

He taught Mandarin and coached swimming and baseball at Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, Massachusetts from 2011 to 2019, and at the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, from 2019 to 2024. Rich lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Nina Li, and their daughter, Amira. During the camp season, they reside in the Ryder Cabin.

In his role as Assistant Director, Rich enjoys tackling the small details in the background that allow campers to get the most out of their "one wild and precious" summer, and the opportunity to mentor young counsellors and help them grow as caretakers and educators.

Aimee Wadeson, Director of Finance & Administration

Aimee spent 16 years working at Green Acres School (North Bethesda, MD). In 2004 she started as the Development Office Assistant and in 2020 left as the Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement.

She has run many events, redone the school’s website several times, helped with annual and capital campaigns, managed a database migration, and worked on alumni relations. She has also attended many of the school’s board meetings and served for a number of years on the Finance Committee. She brings a variety of skills to Camp, and in her own words she is known as a person who “keeps the trains running on time.”

Aimee married Michael Hanrahan in 2005, and the couple spent many summers on the hillside when Mr. Michael was a young counsellor. Aimee became a regular at meals in Mem Hall, in Chapel, and cheering on the boys around the hillside. Mr. Michael and Aimee have two children, a daughter, Adelaide, and son, Ned. They live in Kensington, Maryland. Aimee joined the Pasquaney office in the summer of 2020.

Tim Curry, Head of Facilities

Tim has a degree in history from the University of Maine (Orono, ME) and has always enjoyed working outdoors and creating. He is excited to join the Pasquaney team because of his interest in Pasquaney’s rich history, beautiful property, and facilities.

He has a long-term commitment to serving others through nonprofit organizations, most recently as Facilities Director for 11 years at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center (Holderness, NH). Previously he served as housing specialist for CATCH Neighborhood Housing (Concord, NH). He has also started a tree farm, built a number of Lakes Region homes, managed numerous construction projects, and most of all loves being a dad.

When Tim has a free moment, he enjoys both road and mountain bicycling, wood turning, and fishing. Tim has lived many years in the Lakes Region and is currently renovating his 215-year-old farmhouse.


Howard Baetjer, Jr.
Camper: 1964-1968
Counsellor: 1970-1983, 1988-1995

Samuel M. Bemiss
Camper: 1968-1971
Counsellor: 1974

Alexander H. Bocock, Vice President
Camper: 1981-1983
Counsellor: 1987-1989; 1995-1996

P. Douglas Camp IV, Council Representative
Camper: 1982-1985
Counsellor: 1988-1994; 2004 – present

Ann-Barron Carneal
Parent: 2018 – 2022

Parker Griffin
Camper: 1965-1969
Counsellor: 1974-1977

Scott L. Kennedy
Camper: 1994-1999
Counsellor: 2002-2004

Kenrick C. McNish
Camper: 1991-1996
Counsellor: 1998-2002

Jonathan M. Meredith, Secretary
Camper: 1985-1988
Counsellor: 1990-1998; 2000-2001; 2003-2004

Robert M. Pinkard, President
Camper: 1966-1969
Counsellor: 1971-1974

Jafar A. Sharipov, Young Alumni Representative
Camper: 2011-2014
Counsellor: 2016-2019

R. Gregg Stone, Treasurer
Camper: 1964-1966

Edward C. Swenson
Camper: 1990-1992
Counsellor: 1995-1997

John W. Ward
Camper: 1990-1991
Counsellor: 1994-1997

Kristen L. Whitaker, Parent Representative
Parent: 2022 – present

Trustee Emeriti

Hugh T. Antrim
Camper: 1960-1964
Counsellor: 1966-1970; 1973

Robert D. Denious
Camper: 1976-1978
Counsellor: 1980-1981

Christopher B. Granger
Counsellor: 1975-1978; 1980-1981

T. Chandler Hardwick
Camper: 1966-1969
Counsellor: 1971-1975; 1977-1978

Lawrence B. Morris III
Camper: 1959-1963

Douglas S. Reigeluth
Camper: 1963-1965
Counsellor: 1970-1974

Cornelia K. Suskind
Trustee: 2003-2005; 2007–2022

Robert R. Thompson
Camper: 1959-1962
Counsellor: 1965-1969, 1973

John H. West III
Camper: 1953-1958
Counsellor: 1961-1965