Summer 2015 Daily Log Entries

  • Sunday, August 16, 2015 “Doug Camp – COD” | written by Doug Camp

    The last day of camp’s 121st season started off with a bang, literally. A last hearty breakfast from Gary and Doug concluded with some humorous council goodbyes, and the presentation of a handful of theater and activity cups. For acting, Noah de Boor and Buckley Huffstetler won the Green Room Cup and the Coons Cup respectively. For stage crew, Will Krulak won the Pop Watson Cup. For activities, Jimmy Bocock and Bay Harvey won the Anniversary Cup, and the Beavers had an admirable win in the club contest. After a rousing rendition of the final two verses of the camp song in Mem Hall, the campers did an efficient job gathering up the rest of their gear, collecting shop projects, taking their trunks and suitcases to Headquarters and the flagpole, and readying their dorms for the final inspection. In the chapel line, Inspector General Henry Valk awarded the inspection cup to a deserving Stanwood. With tons of gear in hand and on shoulder, we marched one last time down to our pine chapel with conflicting senses of excitement and sadness. Mr. Vinnie gave sermon about pursuing our best at home. After the service, we gave each other some tearful goodbyes, some to hold us over until next summer, some for much longer. So what now, as we return to our lives away from the hillside? I think of a passage from today’s sermon: “Now is the challenge of taking Pasquaney home, carrying the values with us, the true test of whether this has been successful summer. Out there is where we determine a banner season.” There is a long activity period scheduled for this year. The official COD time is ‘right now’. Quietly, all excused.

  • Saturday, August 15, 2015 “Doug Camp – COD” | written by John Chiosi (TCDF)

    Today was Water Sports Saturday. In the morning, we had a long duty period to make sure that camp was looking sharp for our guests. After duties we had tub and got ready for inspection. We then had a quick lunch and reviewed the schedule for Water Sports. Water Sports went very well. The Woodpeckers won the War Canoe race final over the Hawks, and Ruben Luthra won the Junior 50-yard swim and Junior General Excellence. Mark Kirby won the Junior Obstacle race final, and Sam Randall won the Sub-Junior obstacle race final. After Water Sports, campers brought their guests on a tour of the hillside, stopping at Eastbourne for cookies and fruit punch. Tree Talks followed on Tree Talk Ridge, where we could see lightning and hear thunderstorms across the lake. Luckily, the storms never reached Pasquaney, and we were able to have the Glade Play, The Devil and Daniel Webster, in the Glade. After the Glade play, a buffet dinner was served to the guests in and around Memorial Hall. Next, campers said their initial goodbyes in the dorms while parents went over to the Watson Theater to watch the Theater Play Is He Dead? by Mark Twain. After the Theater Play, came singing for the guests. Campers sang “Ready When He Comes,” “Swing Low,” and “MTA.” After the long day, campers said goodnight to their parents and went to Baird Hall to watch a slideshow of photos from the summer. Thomas Krulak was awarded Mr. Teddy’s Cup; Robert Harvey, the Most Faithful Boy; and Simon Chuang and William Harvey were jointly awarded The Mauran Cup. The 16-year-olds received their lanterns, and the mines bugle blew. We had dorm circles, and then we went to bed as we were tired after a long day.

  • Friday, August 14, 2015 “Martin Millspaugh – COD” | written by Josh Chiosi (PDGM)

    Today was packed with excitement, perhaps the busiest day of the summer thus far. In the morning on Hobbs Field we played a game of Bum Ball, which is a spin on baseball with all sorts of wacky rules. There was also Water Sports practice in preparation for Saturday afternoon with the parents in attendance. The tradition of everyone jumping in Lake Newfound for the last soak continued, and the 16-year-olds jumped in fully clothed one by one as the rest of camp cheered them on. In the afternoon, Billy Wilson hit his first Hobbs Field home run during 16-year-old cuts, the last opportunity of the summer to step up to the plate. Also Aidan Biglow held the crown as camp tennis champion in a tight match against the Junior challenger Peter Denious. Later on, Tim Jenkins delivered a powerful tree talk about being comfortable finding uncomfortable challenges at camp and about how the role of competition and performance pushes us to be our best in all we do. After dinner there was a Shop exhibition with all the beautiful camper projects from the summer on display. Following the woodshop viewing, all of camp gathered in Baird Hall for the Sigma Alpha awards ceremony to conclude the eventful day.

  • Thursday, August 13, 2015 “Henry Valk – COD” | written by Ethan Connett (MLM)

    Today we woke up to late reveille to start the morning routine. After our great breakfast of waffles, everyone went to the many open activities. During the morning activity period, the Senior Singles tennis final started, pitting Aidan Biglow against Rob Harvey, and the Sub-Junior doubles final featured the team of Thomas Krulak and Peter Woodville against the team of Levi Tyler and Aidan Price-Gallagher. Biglow and the team of Tyler and Price-Gallagher won the matches. It was a fun and entertaining morning. Two new Basic Sailors were announced in addition to the tennis winners at lunch. The afternoon activity period’s highlight was the Senior Baseball Championship, with Will Davies’s second-ranked team challenging Ben Winslow’s top-seeded team. After a single run by Winslow’s team early in the game, Davies’s squad put up six to complete an exciting upset. On the tennis courts, Peter Denious and Alex Horvat beat Christian Vivier and Jimmy Bocock in an intense Junior doubles final. Following a great chicken and rice dinner, we were treated to a hilarious theater play, Is he Dead, full of jokes and laughs. After a great day of entertainment, we all settled into our beds for taps.

  • Wednesday, August 12, 2015 “Conor Finn – COD” | written by Ford Cousin (HLV)

    Today was a crazy, interesting, and fun-packed day. In the morning all the campers were woken up by all the sixteen-year-olds in costumes. I remembered it was the sixteen-year-old breakfast! At breakfast all the campers were served chocolate milk, strawberry smoothies, pancakes with M&M’s, and bacon. The breakfast was a delicious way to start the day. In the morning activity period, the highlight was a fly-fishing specie with Kirk and Sam Denious. After rest a historic event took place when Henry Valk, Peyton McElroy, Stewart Denious, Peter Millspaugh, and staff Jake Holton and Mike Grant erected a new Pasquaney flagpole. In the afternoon activity period a Senior Tennis Doubles Championship took place. Rob Harvey and Ben Russakoff beat Aiden Biglow and Max Matthes in a very well fought match. Also a Junior Canoe Tilt took place. Ford Cousin and Jack Riggs beat Stone Harris and Atticus Hickman in a great one-and-a-half hour tilt, which ended in knockdowns. All the campers headed over to the Glade for the Glade play. The play was The Devil and Daniel Webster. The play was so much fun to watch. Finally, it was time for dinner, and Conor Finn was CO-Swapped. The pranks were very funny. All in all, it was a good day.

  • Tuesday, August 11, 2015 “Will Talley – COD” | written by Ander Cristobal (TCDF)

    Today was a lazy, rainy day; many campers participated in activities like reading and writing or yoga in the morning. Nevertheless, the finals of the Senior 100-yard swims and Senior canoe tilts were held, too. Rob Blue won the final of the 100-yard swim, with Robert Harvey and Wesley Richardson placing second and third, respectively. In the afternoon, the rain stopped and the final of the Senior canoe tilt took place. Roderick Caperton and Ben Russakoff defeated Sammy Malhotra and Nicky Longo. As the weather improved, many campers played soccer on Hobbs Field. The final of the Sailing Regatta was postponed to the next day as the wind died in the afternoon, making way for “water capture-the-flag” off the bathhouse and auxiliary docks. For campfire, we had varied options, which consisted of body circuits on Birch porch, Ultimate Frisbee on Hobbs Field, play rehearsals, and a reading of Edgar Allan Poe by Mr. McElroy. It was a fun end to an unusual but great day at camp.

  • Monday, August 10, 2015 “Esteban Yañez – COD” | written by Will Davies (WSCT)

    Today was a very busy day. The morning activity period consisted of the annual Diving competition, along with Sub-Junior and Senior tennis matches. On Hobbs Field, there was fielding and pitching instruction in preparation for the Junior ballgame that afternoon. The Shop was very busy as projects came down to the wire. The highlight of the afternoon was the Junior League baseball championship between Stone Harris’s team and Mark Kirby’s team. Stone Harris’s team eventually won (11-7). Besides the ballgame there were two semifinal Senior canoe tilts, tennis matches, and a whitewater canoeing specie to the Pemigewasset River. Campfire was a slideshow presentation by Bubbles about his trip to Europe along with some historical pictures of camp. Overall, it was a great Pasquaney day.

  • Sunday, August 9, 2015 “Eric Crevoiserat – COD” | written by Carlos Davis (EWY)

    Today was a fun-filled, exciting day with many competitions and was the last day of Trustees Weekend. During inspection preparation, we prepared our dorms with more efficiency and effort because this inspection counted double for the Inspection Cup. The Trustees walked through the dorms during inspection, so all of our bunks looked extra neat and organized. In the Chapel, Mr. Vinnie gave a talk about what separates people and how the barriers between people can negatively affect friendships. He used examples from times of segregation and the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Everyone learned that we can all come together and settle our differences and understand all the different things people are going through. Later after camper and council meeting, there was soccer on Hobbs Field and diving at the waterfront. Later we had the crew races with the Dana Rowing Club winning in the Fourth, the Third, and the Senior Boat races and the Birch Rowing Club winning the Junior Boat race. After the races, we had singing and our third to last dorm circles of the season. All in all, it was a good day.

  • Saturday, August 8, 2015 “Peyton McElroy – COD” | written by Noah De Boor (ERC)

    The boys of Camp Pasquaney woke up at 7:30 am on to a clear 53º Fahrenheit. Because of Trustees’ Weekend, there were plenty of alumni visitors, all of whom were enjoying activities throughout camp from Shop to Baseball to the Waterfront. The morning was highlighted by the Pasquaney canoe mile competition, where Aidan Arnold and Aidan Biglow smashed the record with a time of 10:21. The afternoon was highlighted with the Boys v. Council Game. Ben Winslow started for the boys and Peter Millspaugh for the Council. Will Davies pitched in relief for the boys, and Stewart Denious and Richard Desalvo pitched for the Council. There was fantastic play on both sides but the Council defeated the boys (5-0). In the evening, the Trustees’ Weekend players performed “Face The Music,” written by Pasquaney alumnus Gerry O’Reilly. In the opinion of the scribe, it was the greatest Trustees’ Weekend Play in many years. Mines and Taps followed, and a blanket of silence fell over the hillside.

  • Friday, August 7, 2015 “Paul Davies – COD” | written by Peter Denious (PRM)

    Today was an action-packed Friday with various competitions. The morning featured a long and tiring canoe specie to Mayhew Island. The highlight of the morning were two senior canoe tilts. Meanwhile, the Shop was packed with campers determined to finish their projects. The morning activity period flew by and suddenly it was time for play rehearsals. The afternoon featured several tennis matches and open sailing. We had an exciting afternoon with both the Senior four-man canoe race and the Junior League ball game. The champions of the canoe race were Aidan Arnold, Aidan Biglow, Kyle McClure, and Carter Langen. The ball game was between Mark Kirby’s and Alex Horvat’s teams. Mark’s team won (9-6). After activities we had a Tree Talk given by Stewart Denious on servant leadership. For campfire, Tim Jenkins read a Kurt Vonnegut short story. All in all, it was a great day.

  • Thursday, August 6, 2015 “Matt Woolverton – COD” | written by Nathan DePue (PDD)

    Camp returned from overnight Not-Joes at 7:15, and the normal routine with late reveille began. Trustee Ken McNish, who visited during and after expeditions but had never made it to a meal, was introduced at breakfast. The morning activities included tennis matches, Sub-Junior baseball instruction, various Water Sports competitions, and the opening heat of the Pasquaney Yacht Club Regatta. The high winds were both a blessing and a curse upon the sailors, either speeding the boats along or capsizing them. At lunch, Aidan Arnold was given the title of Solo Canoeist , becoming the eighth since 1936. The Mayhew game was the highlight of the afternoon. The Pasquaney boys beat Mayhew 10-2. Afterwards, the Mayhew boys gave the Pasquaney boys a tour of their island. Other afternoon activities were more tennis matches, soccer on Hobbs Field, and the second heat of the PYC Regatta. The Trustees Weekend cast was working hard all day to prepare for their upcoming performance on Saturday. In Stage Crew in particular, the set for the play was heavily emphasized and worked on. In the evening for campfire, we had singing and circles. Following circles, camp engaged in peaceful sleep.

  • Wednesday, August 5, 2015 “Thomas Granger – COD” | written by Zachary DePue (MCWW)

    We woke up at 7:00 on a cold morning to the Council breakfast. It was a delicious French-style breakfast with chocolate-filled croissants and with apple-and-egg- filled crepes. There was Senior batting practice in preparation for the Senior League game later that afternoon and a canoeing specie to the head of the lake. In the afternoon, the highlight was the Senior League ball game between Ben Winslow’s “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and Charlie Pink’s “Stop and Think”. The standout play was Ben Winslow’s grand slam to add onto their lead. It ended with Ben Winslow’s team winning 14 to 3. We had Overnight Not-Joe trips. My group went to the boathouse for canoeing and games and grilled sausages and other treats that our counsellors picked up for us.

  • Tuesday, August 4, 2015 “Peter Ryder – COD” | written by Oliver Dewey (CTG)

    Today was a good day at camp. In the morning, most activities were open. There was a canoeing trip to the head of Lake Newfound. At sailing, there was training for regatta starts. Baseball featured pitching and batting instruction for Juniors in preparation for their game in the afternoon. The Junior crew boats went out to practice for their fast-approaching races, and there were a number of Water Sports competitions, like canoe tilts and dinghy races. After a scrumptious lunch and a much-needed rest, afternoon activities began. There was another canoeing trip, this time to One Tree Island, as well as a Junior League baseball game featuring Mark Kirby’s team and Alex Horvat’s team. Due to thunder and what looked like a storm, the game was postponed. The score ended up 3-0 in favor of Mark Kirby’s team. There was also scheduled Shop to get projects moving toward their finishing stages, and some “Navy Seal Training” at the waterfront, complete with underwater swimming and stealthy diving. The highlight of the day was a concert by legendary western folk singer Skip Gorman. Skip sang old cowboy songs that told campers about life as a cowboy. It was an incredible performance. Overall, it was a great day.

  • Monday, August 3, 2015 “Sam Denious – COD” | written by Samy Dilley (PWR)

    The morning featured two species: a Gold Mine Specie in Nature and a head of the lake specie in canoeing. There were also Water Sports competitions. In the afternoon there were again species. There was one in Sailing to Cliff Island on the other side of the lake and a blueberry specie to Kirk’s House. The competitions went on with a Senior semi-final ballgame between Will Davies’s and Dennis Kirby’s team, won by Will Davies (12-0), and Water Sports competitions. There was also a canoeing specie to the Bristol Gorge. A little before 6 PM, the time when we should have gone to Tree Talk ridge, a wind storm began. The Tree Talk was to be given by Wesley Sulloway about taking advantage of mistakes. The wind was so strong that a waterspout was clearly visible on the grey lake. We said it was time to go sailing. Counsellors said it was, as a matter of fact, time to go beneath our bunks, for their metal frame may shield us in case a dead tree fell on the dormitories. At 6:30 we headed towards Memorial Hall. At campfire, we had the Tree Talk in Baird Hall, followed by camper-led circles. The flagpole which was up for 62 years blew over as well as a massive tree just below Eastbourne. A great number of branches, big and small, also fell.

  • Sunday, August 2, 2015 “Stewart Denious – COD” | written by RJ Duron (SGD)

    After having our dorms formally inspected in the morning, we walked into chapel. At chapel, Bubbles gave an amazing chapel talk about the idea of “where your treasure lies, so does your heart.” After camper and Council meetings, the Council gathered on Hobbs Field to play a Council vs. Council baseball game. At the game there was grand slam hit by Sam Gowen. The game was exciting, Stewart Denious’s team beat Martin Millspaugh’s team (8-0). We had a cookout during the game on the tennis courts, and then we cleaned up and went to singing at Baird Hall. After singing we had mines, prayers, circles, and then taps. All in all, it was a great day.

  • Saturday, August 1, 2015 “Tim Jenkins – COD” | written by Brewer Stone (DSD)

    The day got off to a great start because the camp had late reveille due to the Short Walk’s return. We had a tasty breakfast of French toast and then the morning activity period, which was highlighted by several great tennis matches and a canoeing specie to the Pemigewassett River. After lunch there was a Sub-Junior ball game between Sam Randall’s and Reugen McCahan’s team. Randall’s team won (8-0). There was also sailboat racing and swimming capture the flag among other activities. After the evening soak, the camp assembled at Memorial Hall for the Long Walk’s return and listened to their song, a remix of “Flat Bottom Girls” by Queen and “Hey Ya!” by Outkast, recounting their week in the Whites. Evening campfire was the Council Play, a camp rendition of “Holes” that was very funny. All and all, it was a great day.

  • Friday, July 31, 2015 “Sam Gowen – COD” | written by Kent Hawker (TBJ)

    Today we woke up to late reveille because Short Walk returned yesterday afternoon. After two weeks of welcome cold showers (because of the heat) it finally cooled down to a nice, chilly 63 degrees. Canoeing had an all day specie to Squam Lake. They took a van about 30 minutes to the lake, which is about twice as large as Newfound, is much shallower, and features more coves and islands. For Campfire Mr. Millspaugh and Mr. Gowen put on a game show, which consisted of watermelon eating contests, a Chiosi brother quiz, and a camper-council race to see who could set up a Mem Hall table the fastest. Mr. Chisholm took a nature specie to Bald Knob. The group intended to hike Plymouth Mountain, but Bald Knob had better exits in case of lightning, so they went with the safer choice. The group had a great view of the stars and they did not use tents so they could stargaze all night.

  • Thursday, July 30, 2015 “Jake Matthai – COD” | written by Atticus Hickman (SCG)

    On Thursday morning Camp Pasquaney woke up to a late (7:30 AM) Reveille played by Nathan DePue, as the official camp bugler was on the Short Walk. The morning activity period was jam-packed with fun. Crew was out rowing quads, canoeing celebrated counsellor Peter Ryder’s birthday with “Peter Ryder Appreciation Day,” sailing had dry dock work as the winds were low. There were several sub-junior tennis matches and baseball hosted some pitching instruction in preparation of the games to come over the weekend. At the bathhouse, Bubbles hosted sub-junior canoe races. In the afternoon, a light rain started. All activities were open along with a few unusual appearances like fly-casting practice at Nature, football on Hobbs Field, and canoe baseball at the boathouse. For campfire there was singing and dorm circles.

  • Wednesday, July 29, 2015 “Esteban Yañez – COD” | written by Taylor West (JMM)

    Today began a little early for nine campers and two counsellors, for the Belle Island Specie woke up at 5 A.M and paddled back to camp to return before reveille. The rest of camp woke up to a warm morning that was suggesting a humid day of hikes. Third Walk had a great hike on the Franc’s and saw some interesting hikers who wanted to join our group on the way up to the summit of Lafayette. Fourth Walk hiked Mt. Liberty, and Fifth Walk climbed Mt. Osceola. Sixth Walk hiked up Mt. Tecumseh, and the highlight of their trip was hiking down a very steep double black diamond ski trail. When we got back from hikes, Mr. Vinnie read the third chapter from Siwash, and we were given extra time during mines to take cold showers, which helped counter the muggy heat of the evening.

  • Tuesday, July 28, 2015 “Matt Woolverton – COD” | written by Reed Wilson (EWY)

    It was a warm and windless day. The Short Walk left, and the duty list changed… again. Since the Short Walk and the Long Walk are now gone, half of the tables in Memorial Hall are closed and camp is quieter. For the morning, there was scheduled and open shop with scheduled box-making, open sailing, and the rest of the activities were scheduled for specific campers. For afternoon activities there was a trail-working specie to Grey Rocks, a baseball game between Alex Horvat’s team and Stone Harris’s team (Stone’s team won 15-4.), scheduled tennis matches, and other activities were open. After soak, there was an overnight specie to Belle Island and play rehearsals. That night we had varied option campfire for the second day in a row. The options were basketball, lacrosse, a book reading by Mr. Talley, and reading and writing. It was a more humid and hot evening, so many campers took showers to keep cool. Finally, we had mines and prayers.

  • Monday, July 27, 2015 “Peter Millspaugh – COD” | written by Peter Woodville (MCWW)

    Today was one of the more exciting and eventful days of the season. It was kicked off with the normal breakfast and duties, but after duties unlike the normal day where we would go to an activity, we had the Long Walk ceremony. We headed down to Eastbourne at 9:30 AM sharp to watch the ceremony. We all waited in excitement to see the Long Walkers come down the driveway. Once they got down, they did a spectacular count-off, and Mr. Vinnie wished them a safe trip. After that we went to activities where there were Sub Junior/Junior dinghy races. In the afternoon the wind started to pick up, and it started to become a great sailing day. Meanwhile the Sub Juniors had an intense baseball game on Hobbs Field. Camp definitely felt different without the Long Walkers, but it was still a great day.

  • Sunday, July 26, 2015 “Martin Millspaugh – COD” | written by Reed Wilson (PDGM)

    Sunday was a damp and misty 68º day. Mr. Vinnie gave a chapel talk on the importance of trust and honesty. He used an example of sportsmanship on the Wall Ball court, where cheating to win the game is destructive. In small actions like these, one can quickly lose the respect of his friends and gain a reputation as an untrustworthy person; on the flip side, being honest in all actions will garner respect from those around you. Mr. Vinnie also mentioned resisting the temptation to bend the rules and get ahead deceptively. After the conclusion of camper meeting in the afternoon, the 2015 Long Walk packed up for the exciting week in the woods ahead of them. After the cookout at the waterfront, there was singing for campfire. The emphatic railroad that followed echoed across the lake.

  • Saturday, July 25, 2015 “Wes Sulloway – COD” | written by Carlos Getzelman (MLM)

    Camp awoke to a squishy 58º morning on the last day of the summer’s fourth week. The morning activity period featured Sub-Junior and Junior tennis matches, obstacle races, and crew, which was accommodated by little to no wind. After lunch, rest, and inspection, the afternoon activity period featured obstacle races, dinghy races, and a Mountain League baseball game that pitted the Cardigan Cardinals against the Carrigain Kangaroos. Dinner was capped by the distribution of Long Walk shirts to those selected to go on the trip, including three fifteen-year olds. Following dinner, camp was entertained by the talent show and sixteen-year old skit, the latter of which was a play off Groundhog Day in which a camper lived the same day over and over again until he learns to be kinder to others. Much effort was put into the evening by sixteen-year olds Nicky Longo and Charlie Pink, who were Masters of Ceremonies for the Talent Show and also involved in the skit. Camp was ready to quickly fall into sleep after the day’s events were concluded.

  • Friday, July 24, 2015 “Will Talley – COD” | written by Stone Harris (WAS)

    We woke up to a brisk 59º and we made our way to Mem Hall after taking showers. In the morning we had Sub-Junior canoe races, Junior canoe tilts, and Senior singles matches. Later in the afternoon, there was a Junior baseball game between Alex Horvat’s team and Stone Harris’s team. Stone Harris’s team ended up winner 5-4 after a huge comeback. Before dinner, counsellor Matt Woolverton gave a Tree Talk about the importance of self-motivation and dedication. Then at dinner we had pizza followed by an amazing apple pie dessert made by Mrs. Holton. After dinner, we had varied-option campfire, which among other choices included lifting heavy objects with Sam Gowen. Looking back on it, today was a fun-filled, exciting day.

  • Thursday, July 23, 2015 “Conor Finn – COD” | written by Bay Harvey (WSCT)

    We woke up to a cool and classy 60º morning. After breakfast and duties, the activity period began. The steady breeze made it a great day for sailing and a more difficult one for rowing. Still, both activities were able to make the most out of it. The shop was pushing to try and get the potential Long Walkers’ projects ahead, and in Nature people began getting their “Naturalist” certification for the club competition. A group of boys also went to set up for the Hebron Fair. In the afternoon, there was a specie to Kirk’s house to pick blueberries, as well as a baseball game between Dennis Kirby’s team and Charlie Pink’s team. The Mary Lamb was also open. As the day was coming to an end, we had Not Joe’s picnics, singing, and circles. All in all, it as a cool and classy day.

  • Wednesday, July 22, 2015 “Peter Ryder – COD” | written by Kent Hawker (TCDF)

    Yesterday in nature, campers made birch beer (which is made from sugar and black birch branches, which smell like root beer). In the morning, we had the first round of the swim races. For the Sub-Junior activity division, it was a 25-yard race, for the Juniors, a 50-yard race, and for the Seniors, a 75-yard race. In the afternoon, there was a canoeing specie to a difficult whitewater section of the Bristol Gorge for the most advanced paddlers in camp. A highlight of the afternoon was the Water Olympics down at the waterfront, which included the following events: long jump off the dock, boarding a dinghy and swimming it to shore, and treading water while singing the national anthem of the represented country. Team Senegal, consisting of Sebastian Petersen and Wesley Richardson, emerged as winners. At baseball, Levi Tyler’s “Frequent Flyers” defeated Reugan McCahan’s “Also Rans” (6-0). There was also an overnight canoeing and camping specie to Belle Island. At dinner, Brewer Stone was awarded with the first Basic Sailor of the year in an announcement featuring Timmy Jenkins in a wig and dress. Campfire was varied option. Options included a coxswain instruction session, lacrosse on the baseball field, freestyle rap on Dana Porch, and basketball. All in all, it was a fun, busy day.

  • Tuesday, July 21, 2015 “Jake Matthai – COD” | written by Atticus Hickman (PWR)

    Today was hikes day. The First Walk hiked up Little Haystack and then traversed Lincoln and Lafayette. The views were summed up as “spectacular” by Jack Denious. Second Walk hiked up Liberty. Many said it was the hardest and most grueling hike they have ever done but the views were voted the best in the Whites. Fourth Walk hiked Cannon and said that there were “booming views.” Fifth and Sixth Walks hiked Cardigan and Firescrew. Apparently the blueberries were delicious. All in all, it was a great bunch of hikes. In the evening a light rain started. For campfire, there was a great reading from Mr. Vinnie titled The Catbird Seat. All in all it was a great day at Pasquaney.

  • Monday, July 20, 2015 “Esteban Yañez – COD” | written by Lucas Higgins (JMM)

    Today started as most mornings do with reveille. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening this morning. Having just a normal day without hectic scheduling and activities made the day less than ordinary. Most people chose the activities they wanted to do, and one of those was the specie to the gold mines. We had a delicious lunch to cap off the morning. It was Thanksgiving dinner in a bowl, for it had turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and cranberry sauce in it. In the afternoon, there was a Senior League baseball game between Ben Winslow’s squad and Will Davies’s team. In the battle of the “undefeateds”, Ben’s team won 4-2 with a great pitching effort from both teams. At the end of the day we had time of reflection in camper-led circles. All in all, it was a great day on the hillside.

  • Sunday, July 19, 2015 “Rich DeSalvo – COD” | written by Dan Holton (EWY)

    Camp awoke on July 19th to a brisk, cool morning. Showers were had and we made our way to breakfast. After tub and a quick dorm inspection, we had a rainy chapel in the theater where Mr. Vinnie gave a great talk about kindness. Some campers went to go eat lunch with their parents while others stayed behind and had a regular Sunday lunch. The portion of camp that stayed back was treated with enormous council-made moon rocks. After a long camper meeting that followed rest, the sky broke open. The thunder, lightning, and rain came, and it didn’t stop for hours. The Trustee’s Weekend Play held a rehearsal, and the actors were stuck at Baird Hall because of the torrential downpour. The excess in rain impeded all outdoor activities, and the Sunday cookout was held at Mem Hall rather than the waterfront. Singing was held at Baird Hall and moved inside because the rain came back. Mines time came and went, and Circles were held after prayers. The day ended with taps and a good night’s sleep.

  • Saturday, July 18, 2015 “Stewart Denious – COD” | written by Alex Horvat (RGPD)

    The morning began with an exciting War Canoe time trial, where each club raced against the clock for a spot in the Water Sports final. The fastest time of the day went to the Hawks, who will race against the Woodpeckers during Water Sports. The activity period ended, and the dorms got cleaned up for an inspection. Each dorm attempted to look their best for the parents. After inspection, a Junior League ball game commenced between the teams of Mark Kirby and Alex Horvat. At the end of an exciting activity period the camp then prepared for club skits. After dinner each club presented their skit and attempted to wow the judges. Many laughs were shared, and the judges decided that the Chipmunks would get third, the Woodchucks would get second, and the Brown Bears would snag first. After much rejoicing from the Brown Bears, campers waved goodbye to their parents and headed off to brush their teeth. Thus ended another day at good ol’ Camp Pasquaney.

  • Friday, July 17, 2015 “Sam Denious – COD “ | written by Buckley Huffstedler (DSD)

    On Friday July 17, 2015, after a filling breakfast, the morning activity period was highlighted by shelter building in nature, a canoeing specie to the head of the lake, and Senior canoe tilts. After lunch and rest, the afternoon activities were a sailing specie across the lake to Cliff Island, a canoeing specie to Mowglis Cove, and the most exciting part of the afternoon was the opening game of the Sub Junior baseball league. The final score was 5-1 with Sam Randall’s team beating Reugen McCahan’s team. Before dinner, Thomas Granger gave a great Tree Talk on different kinds of intelligence and how to use them in decision making. After a Friday pizza dinner, much of camp enjoyed watching camper Will Harvey defeat counsellor Jack Reigeluth in tetherball before campfire. Campfire was rehearsals for the club skits, which would take place Saturday evening. The camp went happily to bed after a great Pasquaney Friday, excited for the weekend to come.

  • Thursday, July 16, 2015 “Thomas Granger – COD” | written by Dennis Kirby (SGD)

    Mr. Thomas Granger shocked camp by informing everybody that the morning showers would be optional due to cold air temperature. After a quick and efficient duty period, we headed out for a day of hiking. The Fifth and Sixth Walks hiked Mt. Welch and Mt. Dickey with ease. The Fourth Walk hiked Firescrew and Cardigan while the Third Walk went up Cardigan and over to Firescrew. The Second Walk hiked up Mt. Moosilauke via the Carriage Road. The First Walk, which I am on, went up Moosilauke via the Beaver Brook Trail. The Beaver Brook Trail was very steep and had incredible views for the first mile and a half. After 1.6 miles of steep climbing, we cruised through a mile of flat ground before the final push up to the summit. The summit of Moosilauke was beautiful with 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains. After a sensational lunch, we hiked down the mountain and relaxed back at camp. After a delicious dinner of steak and apple pie, the campers listened to one of Mr. Vinnie’s stories from Siwash, “The Initiation of Ollie,” and had a good sleep after a long day.

  • Wednesday, July 15, 2015 “Peter Millspaugh – COD” | written by Mark Kirby (CTG)

    We woke up to a cool Wednesday morning to get refreshed by cold showers. We had a delicious breakfast of breakfast burritos for the first time. We then had a quick and efficient duty period, which led us into a fun morning activity period, complete with a canoeing trip to Mowglis Cove in search of buried treasure, senior tennis matches, pitching instruction at the ball field, and open sailing. It was a very windy morning that made it a great day for sailing. After a delicious lunch we had a great rest, which fueled us for a great rest of the day. In the afternoon there was a trip to Kirk Phelps’s house for raspberry picking, as well as a senior league baseball game, a sailing trip to Belle and Cliff Islands, and open club skit preparation in the theater. The senior league game was a nail-biter, but it ended with Ben Winslow’s team edging out Dennis Kirby’s team with a 16-10 final score. For campfire we had singing at Baird Hall where we heard our voices boom across the lake. After a quick mines and circles, we all lay in bed and fell asleep to the sound of taps. All in all it was a good day.

  • Tuesday, July 14, 2015 “Sam Gowen – COD” | written by Thomas Krulak (PDGM)

    Tuesday began comfortably with warm sun until heavy rain soaked the hillside after lunch. In the morning, there was a canoeing specie to Mr. Vinnie’s Rock and Julien Maldonado became the first basic canoer of the summer after rigorous testing. The senior canoe tilt tournament began as well. Amidst the pouring rain after lunch a strict trunk inspection was conducted. Later on, in the afternoon, there was a tree identification competition on the hillside. Anthony Ramirez was crowned as champion of the trees. On Hobbs Field, Stone Harris’s baseball team beat Mark Kirby’s team in a game for the ages. At dinner Gary whipped up a delicious spaghetti and meatball main course followed by an immensely popular dessert of warm bread pudding. For campfire, clubs met to discuss their skits, and many great ideas circulated. The excitement continued to grow as campers drifted off to sleep under the starlit sky.

  • Monday, July 13, 2015 “Matt Woolverton – COD” | written by Will Krulak (SCG)

    Camp awoke to a beautiful day. At breakfast, Jack Denious and Simon Chuang were announced as Captains of Industry. Also, there was a loon-watching specie with Sam Denious and special guest Dick Beyer. In the afternoon, camp had its first-ever lifeguarding instruction clinic at the waterfront with the swimming counsellors. There was also a nature specie to Welton Falls. In the late afternoon, Peyton McElroy gave a compelling tree talk concerning admitting your own mistakes and asking for help. At dinner Junior League Baseball captains, Stone Harris, Mark Kirby, and Alex Horvat, were announced. There was also an early-morning fishing trip planned for the next day. After prayers, the sky was clear and in perfect conditions for seeing stars. All in all, it was a great day.

  • Sunday, July 12, 2015 “Tim Jenkins – COD” | written by Carter Langen (MCWW)

    Sunday Townley Chisholm gave a sermon about the importance of listening and communication. For dinner we had a cookout with delicious burgers and hot dogs. All in all it was a usual yet good day.

  • Saturday, July 11, 2015 “Paul Davies – COD” | written by Charlie Ramquist (TBJ)

    In the morning it felt great to sleep in since we had just returned from a long week in the woods, and everybody was so tired. Afterwards a little bit later in the day, we had a very tough upper camp and dorm inspection. Even though it was quite tough, almost every dorm improved from last weekend’s inspection. In the afternoon there was an intense baseball game between Charlie Pink’s Stop and Think and Will Davies’s Wild Bill’s Breakfast Berries. Will Davies’ team came out victorious, winning the game 9-4. The highlight of the day came at campfire at Baird Hall when we had a series of expedition songs. Each group had put together a skit or song to highlight their week in the woods. One of the expeditions, Back 40, performed a skit that recounted their most eventful day – they had accidentally camped on a neighbor’s property and were promptly expelled. During the songs and skits, Mr. Denious had a large fire burning. It was impressive at first but did not last quite as long as we wished. All in all, it was a happy first day back at Camp.

  • Friday, July 10, 2015 “Jack Reigeluth – COD” | written by Sam Randall (PDD)

    Today all the expeditions got back. The first expedition back was Back 40. When we arrived we went to the waterfront and jumped into the Lake. We were dirty and sweaty, so the cold lake felt great. After scrubbing dirt off in the lake, we went to take showers. Older campers said that we would get warm showers, but the showers were as cold as they always are. After that we went back to upper camp to sort the laundry that was washed while we were away. Next we sorted the mail, then had some free time before the Mayhew versus Pasquaney game. The game started at 3:00pm and ended at 4:30pm. Levi Tyler and I combined to pitch a no-hitter. Thomas Krulak and Charlie Ramquist scored the only two runs. The final score was 2-0 with Pasquaney winning. At dinner we had two alumni guests, Bill Anderson, who was a camper in the 40’s and 50’s and Henry Anderson, who was a camper last year. At the end of the day for campfire, we listened to Mr. Vinnie read “The Devil and Daniel Webster”.

  • Sunday, July 5, 2015 “Henry Valk – COD” | written by Jack Reigeluth

    After our first chilling tub of the summer and our second dorm inspection, Mr. Vinnie gave a chapel talk on friendship. It was a fitting talk given that many of us will rely on the friendships that we make over expeditions to help us through the challenges of living in the wilderness. For lunch we had as much roast beef, string beans, and mashed potatoes as we could eat. Desert was Sandwich Creamery ice-cream, and for topping at my table, we had maple syrup that Kirk Phelps made from trees that he taps at his house. Following rest, we had our first camper meeting and elected our officers for the summer: Rob Harvey as President, Jack Denious as Vice President, Nicky Longo as Secretary, and William Harvey as Grand Bouncer. Because there were many outstanding nominees voting continued into the early evening. We went right down to barbeque on the waterfront right after the meeting, and we ate even more beef. Burger and hot dogs this time! For campfire we had singing and circles. Then we headed to bed to sleep on a mattress and pillow for what would be the last time in five days.

  • Saturday, July 4, 2015 “Eric Crevoiserat, COD” | written by Jack Riggs (HLV)

    We woke up to a freedom filled Fourth of July. Breakfast was a hearty meal of French toast and oatmeal. The first activity period consisted of the first Senior League game of the season between Dennis Kirby’s Super Smash Brothers and Will Davies’s Wild Bill’s Breakfast Berries. Wild Bill’s Breakfast Berries won 5-0 in the end. After having chicken fajitas for lunch and taking rest, there was another Senior League ball game between Charlie Pink’s Stop and Pink and Ben Winslow’s Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner came out on top, winning 5-0. For dinner we did not have chicken, but instead a delicious meal of beefy macaroni with a dessert of cookies. For campfire we had dorm skits, with many funny and creative skits. The winning dorm was Adams, putting on the skit Summer Camp, which was a parody of camp life. After taps the fireworks were going off across the lake for a good hour or two before finally coming to a halt and allowing the campers to sleep.

  • Friday, July 3, 2015 “Will Talley, COD” | written by Ben Russakoff (ERC)

    Friday, July 3rd — The camp woke up to a “gobsmacking” 54º day with a clear sky! After a hearty breakfast and a quick and efficient duty period, the camp began the morning activity period. The morning festivities included shelter building in nature, fun and games down at the tennis courts, and a canoeing specie to the head of the lake. Following the activity period came dorm skit rehearsals and a tasty lunch. The afternoon was filled with Expedition Exposition. This consisted of many stations concentrating on skills that would be helpful when in the woods on expeditions, such as “bear bagging” and “leave no trace” camping. When the exposition came to an end, the camp enjoyed a Tree Talk given by Martin Millspaugh about “embracing the struggle” and learning to thrive after you have embraced it. This was followed by pizza, dorm skit rehearsals, mines, prayers, and taps.

  • Thursday, July 2, 2015 – “Peter Ryder – COD” | written by John Rutledge (WST)

    On July 2nd the whole camp had hikes. The First Walk hiked up Cardigan Mountain and then up Firescrew. They had the most hikers out of all the walks. The Second Walk did the opposite of the First Walk, going up Firescrew before Cardigan. It was said that Sam Gowen ate a fly even when he knew it was on his sandwich! The Third Walk had their hike up Welch and Dickey—same with the Fourth Walk but in reverse. The Fifth Walk hiked up Little Sugarloaf and Big Sugarloaf, then up Bear mountain. Townley brought his dog Mosby, who is a great hiker. The Sixth Walk hiked the reverse, starting with Bear and finishing with Little Sugarloaf. When the Fifth and the Sixth Walk were on the bus, we saw another bear! All the hikes were great. After dinner Bubbles told us about his old scary stories and about paranormal activity around the White Mountains of New Hampshire, including Rat Man and the speckled wombat.

  • Wednesday, July 1, 2015 – “Jake Matthai – COD” | written by Matthew Scullin (PDR)

    Camp woke to a gloomy 60° day and light showers. After a scrumptious breakfast, we were ready to tackle the day. Unfortunately, the rain intensified, resulting in some rainy-day activities such as improv in Baird Hall. After a busy activity period despite the rain, each dorm gathered for their skit rehearsals, to be performed this coming Saturday. Once skit rehearsals ended, camp gathered at Mem Hall for a delicious lunch, followed by the announcement that the Mary Lamb would be open and there would be Not Joe’s for dinner. Once all the campers had received their precious candy from the Mary Lamb, they headed off to their Not Joe groups for a nice picnic somewhere on the hillside. For campfire the camp went to Baird Hall for singing, which was led by Martin Millspaugh. Mines and prayers followed campfire, and the day ended with circles. Once circles ended, the campers tucked themselves into their sleeping bags after a long and busy day.

  • Tuesday, June 30, 2015 – “Connor Finn – COD” – written by Henry Southall (JMM)

    The sun came out for the first time in a couple of days today and made taking cold showers more bearable. At Memorial Hall, we enjoyed some very well-made pancakes that filled our stomachs for a large set of options for morning activities. In the midst of our duties, we heard the clang of a bell and an air-horn, which means fire!!! Luckily, this was just a drill, and it was executed very well! On Hobbs Field we had the opening ceremony, and one intrepid group of paddlers went to Bristol Gorge to practice white-water skills in the rapids. Mr. Vinnie read “Ole’s First Touchdown” for campfire. All in all, it was a fantastic day!

  • Monday, June 29, 2015 – “Wes Sulloway – COD” – written by Red Staunton (TCDF)

    The day began as a cloudy, cold day. Two half-mile swim tests were swum, the first two of the summer. Hobbs Field had its first Mountain League game in which the Cardigan Cardinals played the Washington Worms. The summer’s first canoe specie departed in the afternoon for the head of the lake. The new boys had a rotation in the morning to check out the ball field and the tennis courts and to swim their triangles. Several boys practiced their swan dives out on the diving raft. It was also a windy day on the lake, which gave sailors a chance to get out on the water. For Varied Option campfire after dinner there was lacrosse, broom hockey, nature, reading and writing in the library, conditioning, and basketball. At the nature center boys observed insects and a dead woodpecker. And of course, Stewart Denious (the most well-rounded counselor at camp) ran the wilderness medicine session. Furthermore, each dorm held their first skit rehearsal in preparation for Saturday night’s dorm skits.

  • Sunday, June 28, 2015 – “Peyton McElroy – COD” – written by Brewer Stone (WAS)

    The second day of camp got off to a cold start. Cold showers were new for most of the new campers, so many were apprehensive. For duties, I was assigned to table duty, which was a bit tough because the table setting was much more complicated than I was used to. The new boys went through rotations at the waterfront although the water was cold because it was raining. We completed the raft swim and got an introduction to sailing and canoeing. After a tasty lunch, the new boys headed over to the upper camp rotation, which included theater, wood shop, and nature museum. Following activities, we had our first inspection of the summer and our first chapel ceremony. Chapel was held in the theater because of the rainy weather and the topic was Opportunity, Responsibility, and Courage. After some free time, we enjoyed a nice meal of turkey and pie. After prayers and taps, we ended the day with some friendly circles.

  • Saturday, June 27, 2015 – “Doug Camp – COD” – written by Hays Talley (PRM)

    It was opening day. Everybody was arriving at camp. We all sat on our beds, waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone new to arrive. There was the opening ceremony: they fired the cannon, and Sam Randall, the youngest camper, unfurled the flag. Mr. Vinnie gave a speech about the first opening ceremony, and Bumpson gave the trustee opening speech about camp this year. Everybody took a quick soak and a rough swim test. The new boys talked with Mr. Vinnie about camp life, and, for campfire, he read “Pigs is Pigs.” It was a wonderful opening day at Pasquaney.