Friday, August 10th—For activities, many of us practiced for Water Sports. There was also the Obstacle Race Senior Finals between Levi Tyler and Andrey Novak. Andrey was ahead for much of the race, but Levi came back in the final round to win. After the final Soak, during which every camper went in the water and sang the Camp Song together, there was packing, lunch, and then the last activity period of the year. During the activity period, over forty campers went to Hobbs Field for a classic, wacky game called Bum Ball, and there was also a canoeing specie to the head of the lake. Conway Staunton gave the final Tree Talk of the summer on being committed to something greater than yourself. After dinner we saw a display of all the 2018 shop projects, which were really impressive. For Campfire, we had the Sigma Alpha awards ceremony, where each activity awarded its cups and medals for competition winners and the camper leaders. Afterwards, we gave a railroad for the council and for Pasquaney.