Waking up, it was an about-average morning of 61º F. During breakfast, 16 year olds Matt O’Reilly, Peter Davies, and Elliot Beveridge were congratulated on achieving the greatest feat possible in canoeing, getting their Solos! After a quick and efficient duty period, there was a specie to what was later dubbed Mr. Vinnies Waterfall because he introduced it to Camp. Baseball had final cuts with many 16 year olds getting their first Hobbs Field home runs. We all headed down for the final soak. Almost everyone got in to watch the 16 year olds jump in wearing goofy costumes, acting out clever skits, or performing tricks. We sang the Camp song with all the gusto it deserves, and then our illustrious waterfront director, Rich Desalvo, led us in a railroad for Lake Newfound and a railroad for Pasquaney. With our goodbye to the lake complete, we began the trek up the hill to Mem Hall for fruit one more time. The afternoon activity period came out of nowhere, marking the final activities of the summer. Shop prepared for the shop show that evening, tennis had a fantastic senior final, which Jean Vivier won, and it was overall a phenomenal goodbye to activities. Immediately after dinner, we transitioned into the shop show, which showcased all the camper projects. Besides the many boxes and pens, there were many custom projects such as a guitar, a longboard, and an award-winning chess board. The shop show was followed by the Awards Ceremony, which was an evening full of fun and recognition of talent, as well as acknowledgement of everyone who didn’t quite make it but still deserved a mention. Mr. Michael provided a host of explanations for the many inspiring people to whom the awards were dedicated. The night finished with a railroad for the Council, one for Pasquaney, and then mines, prayers, and Taps.

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