Friday, August 12th — We woke up to clouds of mist and cold showers. After a good breakfast, we started the second-to-last activity period. It was very warm so there were lots of boys swimming, but tennis and baseball were also very popular. After the activity period, we had the final soak of the summer. All of camp got in the water and the 16-year-olds and counsellors each got called in individually. After singing the camp song, we headed up to camp and began packing to go home. We had lunch and a well-needed rest period. The second activity period was highlighted by sailing which sent all nine of its boats out on the lake for a really windy day. There were also final cuts for 16-year-olds, and some hit their first home runs. After dinner we all saw the shop projects, which were really impressive. The new dinghy was also there, and Kent Hawker named it The Archer. For campfire we had the award ceremony where each activity awarded their cups and medals to their competition winners and leaders of the activity. Afterwards we had a railroad for the council and for Pasquaney.