This morning we hosted our canoe tilt finals. In the second half of the activity period, we held the senior obstacle race finals, which led to DJ Mills’s victory. Later in the day, the seniors were rounded up and all competed in the four-man canoe race. The winners of the four-man canoe race were Hayden Stone, Jet Easterly, Max Reuter, and Ben Davis. At Dinner, Aidan Biglow’s table sang the last “Pizza Friday” song. After dinner was the wood shop open house, which showcased everyone’s projects. My favorites were Ben Davis’s chess boats, Burke Gunther’s shelf, many beautiful fountain pens, and Grey Durham and Isaiah Sanchez’s jewelry boxes. The afternoon also featured a canoeing specie to Hebron Beach and a crew specie to the head of the lake. There were also many Perch Rock swims.  Afterwards, trophies and medals were handed out at the award ceremony. Finally, we ended the day with mines, prayer, and taps.