Today was packed with excitement, perhaps the busiest day of the summer thus far. In the morning on Hobbs Field we played a game of Bum Ball, which is a spin on baseball with all sorts of wacky rules. There was also Water Sports practice in preparation for Saturday afternoon with the parents in attendance. The tradition of everyone jumping in Lake Newfound for the last soak continued, and the 16-year-olds jumped in fully clothed one by one as the rest of camp cheered them on. In the afternoon, Billy Wilson hit his first Hobbs Field home run during 16-year-old cuts, the last opportunity of the summer to step up to the plate. Also Aidan Biglow held the crown as camp tennis champion in a tight match against the Junior challenger Peter Denious. Later on, Tim Jenkins delivered a powerful tree talk about being comfortable finding uncomfortable challenges at camp and about how the role of competition and performance pushes us to be our best in all we do. After dinner there was a Shop exhibition with all the beautiful camper projects from the summer on display. Following the woodshop viewing, all of camp gathered in Baird Hall for the Sigma Alpha awards ceremony to conclude the eventful day.