Friday, August 4th—We woke up to a damp and cloudy morning, but the thought of its being Pizza Friday brightened our souls.  The morning activities included a Quincy Bog Specie and preparation for the Trustees Weekend Play at stage crew. There was open diving where guys were getting ready for the diving competition on Wednesday, and at crew there were Senior boats going out to prep for the regatta on Sunday. For afternoon activities, we started 30 minutes early to try to avoid the predicted thunderstorm later in the afternoon. There was a semifinal baseball game between Alex Horvat and Spencer Campbell’s Senior League teams where two grand slams were hit and Horvats team came out with the win. John Hay Matthai and Carlos Getzelman hit their first Hobbs Field home runs! There was also Navy SEAL training and dingy races at the waterfront. Sam Denious gave a funny and insightful Tree Talk on the folly of trying to look cool. Campfire was Varied Option after a highly anticipated pizza dinner. It was another great day on the hillside.