Friday, August 5th — Today was a great day all around the hillside as the sixth week of camp came to a close and Trustees’ Weekend got started. The morning featured a number of open activities, including pen making, box making, and project work in the shop, nature trail, bonfire work, batting practice, tennis matches and instruction, sailing, a canoeing specie, swimming, and Senior and 4th Boat crew practice in preparation for Sunday night’s races. The featured events of the afternoon were the first heat of the Sailing Regatta and the Sub-Junior League Baseball Championship, in which Bob Zhang’s team defeated Roan Hopkins’ squad by a score of 6-1. Jake Matthai gave a compelling Tree Talk about the values of perseverance and resolve he learned in his experiences with coaches and teammates as a college lacrosse player. Trustees arrived throughout the day to see a bit of camp before their Saturday meetings.