We woke up at 7:00 in the morning this Friday with thoughts of Pizza Friday drifting in our minds. For breakfast, we had sausage, eggs, and a toast of orange juice to start the meal. The first activity period had very little wind, which was great for crew, but very upsetting for the Pasquaney sailors. Thanks to the storm yesterday, it was not too hot but still quite a few people went in for Soak. After Soak, we all went up to upper camp where many skimmers and dinks were hit on the wall ball court, as well as four move checkmates on the chess table. For lunch, we had chicken tenders and tater tots, a camp favorite. We then had a nice rest period and most of us napped in anticipation of a full afternoon activity period.  As we went into the second activity period, it was very sunny. There were Senior and Junior Swims and a Mr. Teddy’s rock specie, which many campers were excited to do. But then, somehow, while it was still bright and sunny, thunder clapped in the sky. In disbelief, we sat in the bathhouse, patiently waiting 30 minutes. We then went back to our normal activities, but frustratingly, thunder soon rang again over the hillside once again, and we had to go back to upper camp. While walking with fellow camper and close friend, Oliver Smith, we felt something. Then we felt it again. Raindrops. Freetime then ensued and when the rain vanished, campers, counselors, and trustees, went to Tree Talk Ridge to listen to Jack Anderson’s talk on living life like an open book. After Jack’s Tree Talk we all happily ate our pizza, listened to a reading, and then nestled into bed.