At 7:30 am Pasquaney was awakened by the bugle. The campers and counsellors then filed into prayers with many sleepy faces. We then were awakened with a cold shower. We enjoyed a breakfast of eggs and bacon and then filed out to all of our duties. After duties, there were many open activities including the Nature Trail, 16-year-old cuts at baseball, tennis, and sailing, and scheduled activities like the Pasquaney Mile Canoe Race and the Senior Four Man Canoe Race. All of camp then headed to the final soak where everyone got in the water. The sixteen-year-olds jumped in the lake in many funny costumes. Then we headed up for trunk packing followed by lunch. After lunch, everyone headed back to the dorms for rest. Then the bugle blew for the final activity period. There was a variety of activities including the bonfire work, rowing, more final cuts for sixteen-year-olds, tennis, canoeing, and sailing. During sailing, all the harnesses for trapezing and boats were taken out. After activities, there was free time followed by an incredible final Tree Talk by Bubbles about Mr. Charlie’s vision for Pasquaney. We then continued to dinner and enjoyed pizza. Then we had free time and a giant cheese game in wall ball where you could use anything to hit the ball like a tennis racket or a broom. Someone even used Charlie Pink laying in his bunk to hit the ball. The shop open house also took place during this time, where there were many fine projects on display. We then had the award ceremony for campfire. The camp then slept peacefully in their beds.