We woke up to a damp morning after a night’s rain. Classic pancakes and sausage patties were in store for breakfast. For activities in the morning, the notable event was the club war canoe races. The Beavers finished with the best times. The top four canoes will all race during Water Sports. Apart from the time trials for the war canoes, other events included a salamander walk with Jack Denious and soccer on the ball field with the PGRC council. After the morning, we had soak followed by club skit rehearsals and Friday’s famous fish meal. In the afternoon, the main event was the senior league ballgame between Charlie Ramquist and Taylor West’s teams, paired with trips to the Mary Lamb. The ballgame was very exciting, with an amazing 8-run comeback from Charlie’s team in the final inning. After the afternoon there was a Tree Talk from Rob Harvey titled “Putting Others First.” He spoke about his time in the Swiss Grenadiers and how serving others provides meaning and fulfillment in life. The talk was followed by pizza and another round of club skit rehearsals.