Friday, July 13th—July 13th—or Friday the 13th—was a great day full of activities, fun, and joy. We woke up to a cold and sunny morning. After a regular morning routine, we proceeded to the activity period which was highlighted by canoe tilits, crew practice, and tennis matches. In the afternoon, the first Sub-junior baseball game occurred with Richard Carlson’s Salty Coke Boys vs Dom Taylor’s Never Failers. It was a tie with a score of 2-2, and Richard hit his first Hobbs (infield) homerun. Later in the afternoon, Jack Denious gave a tree talk on living life for the right reasons. Next, we had Pizza Friday with four alumni from last year that came to visit: Alex Horvat, Stone Harris, Jack Riggs, and Spencer Campbell. For campfire we prepared for Saturday club skits, then settled down for mines, prayers, and taps.