Showers felt colder than usual thanks to another crisp morning for Camp Pasquaney! Nature had its first gold mine specie of the season; however, no campers returned as millionaires with backpacks full of gold. After Soak, we quickly hustled to upper camp for yet another club skit rehearsal. A fusion of pulled barbeque brisket and mac & cheese awaited us in Mem hall. With our stomachs full we pushed forward into the afternoon and had a junior league ball game between Gideon Farr’s and Liam Bonnet-Eymard’s teams. Liam took the victory and soon after we headed to tree talk ridge to hear Ollie Longo’s talk on self potential energy. As with any Friday, we had pizza for dinner and, to our surprise, Mr. Vinnie dropped by to say hello and watch some final skit rehearsals for campfire. As the night sky fell, we eagerly got into our bunks anticipating Visiting Weekend.