We started the day in Mem Hall with egg-less bacon egg and cheeses. Our New Yorkers found it outrageous. The highlight of the morning activities was the juicy wind. It was the first huffing day of the season. It was so huffy that it attracted the tennis council. Apart from sailing, crew was punished by the spewing winds. Nature held the opening of the nature tail and the Hobbs Field batting cage was open. There were club skit rehearsals before lunch followed by a plethora of teriyaki chicken. Again, the highlight of the afternoon was sailing with the waging winds brining in the boom of the baseball council. There was also the beginning of the Junior League baseball season with a game between Bennet O’Reilly and Peter Davies’s teams. The afternoon was then followed by an exceptional Tree Talk about having a seeing eye by Tim Jenkins. Pizza Friday was as usual a hit and we had clubb skit rehearsals for campfire.