On Friday July 17, 2015, after a filling breakfast, the morning activity period was highlighted by shelter building in nature, a canoeing specie to the head of the lake, and Senior canoe tilts. After lunch and rest, the afternoon activities were a sailing specie across the lake to Cliff Island, a canoeing specie to Mowglis Cove, and the most exciting part of the afternoon was the opening game of the Sub Junior baseball league. The final score was 5-1 with Sam Randall’s team beating Reugen McCahan’s team. Before dinner, Thomas Granger gave a great Tree Talk on different kinds of intelligence and how to use them in decision making. After a Friday pizza dinner, much of camp enjoyed watching camper Will Harvey defeat counsellor Jack Reigeluth in tetherball before campfire. Campfire was rehearsals for the club skits, which would take place Saturday evening. The camp went happily to bed after a great Pasquaney Friday, excited for the weekend to come.