We awoke to the crows cawing outside our dorms. It was a nonchalant 60 fahrenheit and the weather was clear. At nature, there was a fly fishing excursion featuring Jack Denious and Moose, and at the shop, there was a plethora of projects getting done, including boxes and other fare. In sailing, the lack of wind called for a capsizing clinic, which also allowed for open boat and sail care. The afternoon rolled on, with as many activities as the morning for campers to peruse. Malcolm Klingler’s Dinger Slingers and Bennett O’Reilly’s Auto Parts did battle on Hobbs Field with the score ending 6 to 0 in Malcolm’s favor. Meanwhile, swims rolled on, with the seniors taking to the lake for the competition. The highlight of the day was the delivery of the Long Walk shirts, which Mr. Vinnie handed out to rapturous and rhythmic applause. Campfire ended the day, and we were provided a variety of options for varied option. Marco blew a moving taps that rocked camp to a sound sleep.