Today was a very eventful Friday. The day began at seven with Reveille, prayers in Dana and then showers. We had a delicious breakfast of french toast sticks and sausage to start off our morning, and then duties ensued. The morning activity period was filled with obstacle course races, canoeing, shop work, baseball, and tennis. The scorching heat had all the campers longing for soak. As campers finished off their fruit on Mem Hall Porch, they made their way to dorm skit rehearsals in preparation for Saturday night. We had a filling lunch of mac and cheese with pulled pork that left campers feeling satisfied and fulfilled as they closed their eyes for rest. The bugle blew at 3 pm to begin our expedition exposition. We went through stations that taught us how to work with stoves, set up bear bags, pack bags and set up tents. After free time, we listened to Pip Carr’s tree talk, “Where Ever You Go, There You Are” on how to fulfill our micro-dharmas, and feel fulfilled in all parts of our lives. We then had a lovely pizza Friday dinner, followed by the first singing of our season. We sang many camp favorites such as “Alouette” and “MTA”. We then brushed our teeth, showered after the hot day, and fell asleep to Taps.