Friday, July 20th—Today we woke up to a late Reveille due to hikes the day before. We had a quick and efficient duty period and went off for the morning activity period. During the activity period there was a “Can-ishing” (Canoeing + Fishing) specie to Mr. Vinnie’s rock. Senior and Third Boat crews went out as well during a morning full of flat water. Campers were working in the shop and had tennis matches as well. After lunch and rest we had the afternoon activity period. There was a baseball game between Taylor West’s “In Humble Task’s We Serve Her West” and Ballard Morton’s “I Swing Therefore I Am.” During the game there was a grand slam by Jafar Sharipov for his third home-run in three games and a grand slam by Matt Woolverton whose home run could be heard from upper camp. In the activity period there was also preparation time for the talent show on Saturday and Junior canoe races at the waterfront. After the activity period Dr. Tom Valk gave a Tree Talk on the importance of being one’s best self. We had a great dinner and turned in for a good night’s rest.