Saturday, July 28th—Today the Long Walk returned! After the morning walkthrough, we headed over to Mem Hall where we replenished ourselves with french toast and bacon. There was project work in the shop, fielding instruction on Hobbs Field, various tennis matches, open sailing, a Head-of-the-Lake specie in canoeing, and 4th Boats went out in crew. After an 11:45 Soak, everyone hurried back to their dorms for Inspection prep. We had a lunch of Mexican lasagna. There was a short rest period and then Inspection. During the afternoon activity period, the shop was open, and there were various activities down at the waterfront, including aerobic swimming and some dinghy races. There was also a Junior baseball game between Courtland Doyle’s team and Roan Hopkins’s team in which Hopkins’s team came out on top 6-5. Soak was at 4:45 pm to make sure there was enough time for everyone to come back up to camp to greet the Long Walk. We all headed over to Mem Hall as the bugle blew at 5:35pm. Just as the Long Walk made their appearance, it started pouring rain. However, as Mr. Vinnie said, their song combined with the rain was a perfect metaphor for how their rainy week went. Following dinner, the whole camp gathered in the Watson Theater to watch the very entertaining Council Play, Directors, written by Matthias Campbell, Charlie Pink, and Nicky Longo, about how Mr. Vinnie and all of camp’s past directors have plotted to chop down trees around the hillside. This evening full of amusement and laughter was a terrific end to a very successful day.