Tuesday, July 24th—Today we woke to a crisp 71° with cloudy skies and light rain. Hikes were scheduled for today and the 3rd and 4th walk hiked Stinson Mountain, while the 5th and 6th Walks hiked Bear Mountain and Sugar Loaf. On 3rd Walk, they hiked up a steep but short trail to Stinson Mountain’s summit. On the top of Stinson, there was no view due to the clouds. After hiking back down Stinson, the 3rd and 4th walks returned to camp and had a rest period followed by different activities on the hillside. Some of these activities included frisbee on the ball field and body circuits on Birch porch. On 5th and 6th Walk, there was no clear trail going up Bear Mountain. This forced them to bushwhack almost the entire hike up. During the hike, there were many short but hard rain showers, forcing the 5th and 6th Walkers to be careful walking on slippery rocks. On the top of Little Sugar Loaf, they enjoyed sunbutter and jelly sandwiches and were determined to hike back down to the parking lot before another rain shower began. Once they reached the parking lot, Mr. Vinnie picked them up and drove them back to camp where they had a quick Soak in the lake. Once Soak was over they had a couple of hours of free time before a delicious dinner. For Campfire, there was a reading by Mr. Vinnie in Baird Hall [“The Ransom of Red Chief” and “The Interlopers”] that was followed by Mines, Prayers, and Taps.