Friday, July 21st — We started with a lovely morning, with the sun passing through the pine needles. The lake was still and placid. There were Swims today, and the water happened to be the perfect temperature for racing.  After rest, the first sailing specie went out to the head of the lake. With great wind, the boats were skimming across the water. There was a sub-junior ball game where, incredibly, Hunter Harris threw a perfect game. His team also went on to mount an impressive offensive effort, winning them the game. Right before dinner we had a Tree Talk presented by Peter Millspaugh on how there will always be both easy and difficult times but that no matter the circumstance we should always chose to be happy. We are in a constant cycle of trials in which failure is inevitable, but at a certain point there is victory. We ended the days with Taps looking up at a sky full of stars surrounding the moon.