We woke to counselors banging pots and pans together in celebration of council breakfast. Head Chef Max Reuter cooked homemade bagels with a wide variety of cream cheeses. There was also smoked salmon and quiche with bacon and broccoli. Lastly, we had fruit salad and potato casserole. Overall, it was a very good breakfast. It was a fun, quiet morning during activities. There were lots of crew, shop, and canoe tilts. There was 16-year-old-skit prep for their performance on Saturday. In the afternoon, we had swim races, but only one group got to go before thunder forced us all to return to upper camp. We spent the rest of the afternoon until dinner under a roof because of the thunderstorms. About a quarter of camp took part in various forms on body circuits on Birch and Dana Porch. Before dinner, we heard a Tree Talk by Porter Barnes. His message was “How you walk is how you fee,l” and it was a great and impactful speech. There was pizza for dinner, where the Long Walk was announced. We had Varied-Option Campfire; the thunder and lightning were still lingering so we had to be under a roof again. The rainy day ended with mines, prayers, and Taps.

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