We woke up, went to prayers, then got our order to do our FREEZING SHOWERS! Then we got ready for inspection and had a thorough inspection. Then we went to breakfast, which was followed by some pictures of the entire camp. Then went to duties and had an activity period with FUN activities. People went diving, trying to learn their dive of the week (one and a half flip) and front-flopped and hurt their stomach. Tennis was open with some challenging games. Then we all headed down for Soak and solved the daily bathhouse brainteaser. Then headed up for some dorm pictures. Everyone made goofy photos and serious pictures. Then we had our lunch with some delicious food. Mr. Micheal made a good announcement that some hikers sent us a note saying how polite we were on hikes the day before. Then we had our afternoon activity period with tennis. It also had diving, sailing, etc. Then we had a tree talk by Matt Scullin about sharing your own voice with the world. We went to dinner with some PIZZA! Of course Table 1,2, and 3 did their thing: “It’s pizza Friday, so happy pizza Friday from me to you!” After dinner we had a multichoice campfire with loops, chess, soccer, fishing, poker, a judicial talk, and of course reading and writing in the library. It was hot out so upper camp showers were allowed and then we had mines, prayers, and taps!