Today we rose to a late Reveille and colder than usual showers. For the morning activity period, there was a specie to the Phelps’ Family Farm to pick blueberries, and there was also a canoeing watermelon football specie at the head of the lake. For the afternoon activity period, a sub-junior baseball game was happening, but, to everyone’s surprise, a light storm struck, causing all outdoor activities to be postponed. Following the activity period, there was free time in which the sun came out and the hillside returned to normal. For dinner, everyone was ecstatic for the steak meal we enjoyed. After the steak, we had the moon rocks that our counsellors had made for us. Everyone began clapping and stomping in Mem Hall. During announcements, Mr. Michael handed out the Long Walk shirts. After the long dinner, we had Varied Option for campfire, which was yet again interrupted by a storm, a bit stronger than the last one. Luckily it did not last too long, and we were able to have our usual mines and taps to finish off the day.