Friday, July 3rd — The camp woke up to a “gobsmacking” 54º day with a clear sky! After a hearty breakfast and a quick and efficient duty period, the camp began the morning activity period. The morning festivities included shelter building in nature, fun and games down at the tennis courts, and a canoeing specie to the head of the lake. Following the activity period came dorm skit rehearsals and a tasty lunch. The afternoon was filled with Expedition Exposition. This consisted of many stations concentrating on skills that would be helpful when in the woods on expeditions, such as “bear bagging” and “leave no trace” camping. When the exposition came to an end, the camp enjoyed a Tree Talk given by Martin Millspaugh about “embracing the struggle” and learning to thrive after you have embraced it. This was followed by pizza, dorm skit rehearsals, mines, prayers, and taps.