Today we woke up to late reveille because Short Walk returned yesterday afternoon. After two weeks of welcome cold showers (because of the heat) it finally cooled down to a nice, chilly 63 degrees. Canoeing had an all day specie to Squam Lake. They took a van about 30 minutes to the lake, which is about twice as large as Newfound, is much shallower, and features more coves and islands. For Campfire Mr. Millspaugh and Mr. Gowen put on a game show, which consisted of watermelon eating contests, a Chiosi brother quiz, and a camper-council race to see who could set up a Mem Hall table the fastest. Mr. Chisholm took a nature specie to Bald Knob. The group intended to hike Plymouth Mountain, but Bald Knob had better exits in case of lightning, so they went with the safer choice. The group had a great view of the stars and they did not use tents so they could stargaze all night.